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PoA App: Seras Victoria Hellsing
It was early afternoon where I arrived near the stome castle in the distance, looking majestic in the light. The sun was overhead and the day was young. It was quite a journey from my little village, leaving my mother and father behind to chase my destiny. Looking around with my blue slits, brushing away the sky blue tuft of hair which I always had ever since I was a baby, I kept my sword on my back, the sword which my father, a former adventurer, had given me as a inheritance gift for my eighteenth birthday. As I walked towards the castle, I was eager to prove myself as a worthwile knight to my King. However as I drew closer to the castle, a sinking feeling appeared in my stomach. What if I was rejected to become a knight? I mean, this was no longer the simple adventures I had as a kid in the forest with my friends, beating up bullies and such...this was real and if I wasnt careful well.....I shuddered at the thought. 
Luckily out of the corner of my eye, I could spot a gymnasium
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Shattered Fates: Lilith
Name: Lilith (Former Name Lily Nightingale)
Age: Is Immortal (She was converted into what she is now at 21, so she appears that) "I no longer have an age..."
Gender: Female
Species: Succubus(Was formerly Human)
Alignment: True Neutral "I may be a Succubus and destined to be a demon lord but I am not evil! I have a duty to my country and I will fight to protect it!"
Role in Battle: Offense/Shadow
Universe: Truthverse
Outfit: Lilith wears Combat Boots, Black Spec Ops Pants, a Black Thermal T-Shirt underneath a Black leather jacket and a Black Spec Ops Recon Combat Vest. She also has several holsters for her knife and other weapons. Lilith also wears Fingerless gloves as well as sunglasses with a TAC-VISOR built in. When she is using her Demonic Powers, her outfit changes to reveal more skin typical for a succubi, much to her dismay
Skin: She is fair skinned with her being caucasion
Hair: Long black hair.
Eyes: Orange-Red demonic eyes.
Other Appearances: When she is using her demonic powe
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 2 60
Shattered Fates: Elsword!Awe
Name: Alan 'Awe' Sunseeker
Age: 11-12
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Alignment(From Lawful Neutral and Chatoic Good to Lawful and Neutral Evil): Chaotic Good
Role in Battle(Offense, Defense, Tank, Support, Shadow, TActictian, etc.): Offense
Universe(if Appliciable...if left unfilled or put as default, it will be assumed that the OC comes from the Truthverse): Elsword
Outfit: He wears armor resembling that of the El MAster of the Sun Solace minus the visor and the hood.
Skin/fur: Pale skin
Hair: Black hair with a blue tuft covering the left eye
Eyes: Purple-Red
Other Appearance: Has Solace's sigil as a tattoo right on his right arm
Tools and weapons: He utilizes a Longsword known as Flame's Embrace
Personality: He is quite energetic, often looking to do the right thing and help people. However as he is just a kid, his emotions can get the best of him easily
Abilities: Some Adapt Swordsmanship, Fire Magic and of course some of Solace's magic
Height: 5 feet(He's still just a kid so he isnt f
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 148
Shattered Fates: Aster
Name: Aster
Age: As Old as Mira, so 18
Species: Experiment/Shifter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Role in Battle: Offense/Support
Universe: "parents were from the Destroyed its complicated"
Outfit: Wears a Leather Jacket, A Ripped Tank Top, Ripped Jeans, Choker Collar, Combat boots and fingerless gloves. She also wears holsters for her crowbar and guns too as well as brass knuckles
Skin/Fur: In her human form she appears to be somewhat tan. In her Kyruem form she has a appearance typical of a Kyruem. In her Wolf Form she has snow white fur.
Hair: Aster has black hair with a purple tuft covering her left eye.
Eyes: Has eyes that resuemble a Kyruem as well as a Wolf's
Other Appearance: Has DD breasts.
Personality: Aster is cold and borderline emotionless, to the point of not caring. She is comically serious and does not care about her parent's legacy or  anything, just getting the job done. She is ruthless and may not have a soft side. She is also Extremely Cynical, unlike t
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 166
Shattered Fates: Lena
Name: Lena
Age: Unknown, probably 14
Gender: Female
Species: Kitsune-Human hybrid... Prefers her kitsune form however
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Universe: Karis
Outfit: Wears a beautiful shirt, jacket and pants combo adorned with both Icula and Solrus's colors. She also wears some gloves too.
Skin/fur: Light Blue kitsune fur as well as pale skin when in her human form
Hair: when in her human form, silver and black haie which is really long and straight
Eyes: Ice Blue slits
Other Appearance: her bust size is DD- E...yet she is not a fully grown kitsune so that is yet to be her final appearance
Tools and weapons: Has a prefference for Crossbows, Katanas and Claymores
Personality: is EXTREMELY shy and quiet, barely saying much or fact she is so shy and quiet that everyone wonders if she shows any other traits typical for a Kitsune, like playfullness or mischiviousness. She is quite innocent overall
Abilities: Powers over both Ice and Soul magic, Kitsune abilities.
Height: 4 f
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 3 165
Magical Pokemon Cookies!
A commercial catches your eye as it appears on your tv. You see a teen with sky blue hair with a blue tuft covering his left eye, his uncovered eye being a light blue as he's wearing a jacket, shirt, jeans and such. He smiles and waves hello before saying "HI THERE! Are you tired of being a boring old human? Want to switch up your life?!? YES?! THEN INTRODUCING!" The camera then jump cuts to a whole myriad of cookies that look like pokemon and have sparkles on them and look really delicious "MAGICAL POKEMON COOKIES!" Children cheering can be heard as the Teen reappears once more
"These cookies are made using love, care, high quality dough and MAGIC! Unlike regular cookies that are shaped like pokemon..." He takes a cookie, more specifically a lucario cookie and eats it and you watch as he grows very soft silky looking furball over his body and his body gently shifts to the cookie he just ate, and he gains paws and spikes on his handpaws as well as on his chest, his head changing to a l
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 2 215
Shattered Fates: Athena
Name: Athena Thurkearmarinxar
Age: "uh thats complicated...Dragon Years or Human?"
Gender: Female
Species: Nightfury capable of taking a human disguise
Alignment: "WE FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR RIGHT TO ENJOY FOOD AND NOT BE ENSLAVED BY SHOES!" Uhhhhhh Chaotic Neutral? Yeah shes crazy...Chaotic Neutrual
Role in Battle: Rioter/Offense
Universe: Truthverse/Faded Edge
Outfit: When disguised as a human, Athena wears a trenchcoat, pants, a tanktop beneath the trenchcoat, pants, no shoes, a necklace with a kawaii cat head on it and sunglasses. When in her dragon form, she wears nothing...shes a dragon when in that form
Skin/Fur: in Human form, she has white skin. In her Dragon form she has Black Scales
Hair: In human form she has pink hair. In her Dragon form she has none!
Eyes: regardless of Form she has Nightfury eyes
Other Appearances: Her bust size is E
Tools and Weapons: Guns and her wrist blades.
Personality: Athena is goofy and derpy and a bit of a ditz, she can be smart when she is calm...
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 199
Shattered Fates: Jet Deckard
Name: Jet (Real name is Ty Deckard)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Latios
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Role in Battle: Tactitian/ Offense
Universe: Truthverse
Outfit: he wears a Syndicate Battlecoat, which is a trenchcoat of sorts, a tactical vest, black cargo pants and combat boots as well as underneath the vest a thermal shirt. He also wears eyeglasses whoch seem to act like a Tactical Visor, complete with Night Vision, Thermal Vision and other modes
Skin/Fur: Typical Latios colors, and theyre more like feathers
Hair: Messy blond hair
Eyes: Red slits
Other Appearances: nothing of note
Tools and Weapons: High Tech phone capable of calling down syndicate squads and fire support, revolvers, shotguns, explosive weapons and smgs are his main tools...
Personality: Jet is a goof and charismatic yet he is capable of being ruthless and merciless to his opponents...yet to those who befriend him he is nice.
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Weight: 175 pounds
Bio: The brother of END!Awe, Awe always wa
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 123
Shattered Fates: Leo Scaletta
Name: Leo Scaletta/ Overwatch!Awe
Age: he's in his late 20s to early 30s
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Golden Dragon(Was formerly human)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Role in Battle: Offense/Tank/Support
Universe: Overwatch
Outfit: Leo wears a Armored Overwatch Jacket and an armored vest made of steel designed by Torbjorn and Winston for him. Leo also wears some armored pants. The vest and javket does have areas for Leo's wings as does his pants, which has a place for his tail
Skin/Fur: Golden Scales, both colored a golden yellowed as well as lighter white gold some areas "I gotten used to them............i suppose"
Hair: "its more of a mane thing for Dragons...a really messy wider one...." White gold hair with a brilliant sapphire blue tuft near the left eye
Eyes: Sky blue Slits
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 300 Pounds, hes thin as hell though.
Other appearance: horns peaking out of his mane/hair and also a golden tail along with golden draconic wings
Personality: Years ago, Leo could be conside
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 144
Shattered Fates: Sean
Name: Sean
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Umbreon
Alignment: LAwful Neutrual
Role in Battle: Support/Defense
Universe: PoGverse
Outfit: Wears a Jacket, T-Shirt, pants and a moon crescent necklace
Skin/fur: Black fur with silver rings that glow in the night on his fur
Hair: "I HAVE FUR!"
Eyes: Red Umbreon Eyes
Other Appearance: Silver Tuft xD
Tools and weapons: Prefer using Katanas
Personality: Sean can be seen as the exact opposite of Shea for the most parts. Sean is very confident and intelligence, preferring to rely on his intellect and such. Sean is as loyal and kind to his friends as his sister. Sean also for the most part can remain a cool head, although he can be quite sarcastic and condascending at times.
Abilities: Lunar MAgic, Umbreon Abilities
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 150 pounds
Bio: Sean is the twin of Shea, so most of the story for Shea can also apply to her brother too. However, While Shea was cursed with her father's demonic abilities, Sean was lucky enough,
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 72
LoK: Crystal
Name: Crystal
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Class: Swordswoman
Race: Human
Personality: Crystal is seen as very mysterious and often has a somewhat bad vibe around her. Often very mysterious and a bit flirty she is seen often accompanying Alice...regardless she is especially merciless to her opponents, reveling in killing the brutally. To those who know her she is seen as cryptic yet kind to those who gain her trust, however she seems to have some reluctance about her around with Alice, as if shes hiding something...nevertheless she is an invaluable ally to those she cares about
How do you serve Kingdom?: Retainer to Alice
Bio: Little is known as Crystal and any attempts to get information about her from her has completely and utterly failed as she would either refuse or lie. All that is known is that on the night of Alice's birth, Crystal mysteriously appeared in Solrus... Upon being apprehended by The guards, Crystal was brought to Queen Talla. Upon being asked why was she was here,
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 52
Karis: Alice
Name: Alice
Age: 16
Race: Human?
Royalty Method: Born In
Class: Spellslinger
Personality: Alice is seen as a kind if not mischievous girl... to her friends Alice is playful, kind and somewhat mischievous...if it wasnt for her race you could say she has the perfect aspects to be a kitsune. To her enemies though Alice is merciless and extremely deadly, fighting them with a steel focus and iron resolve, killing them quickly if possible but for those who hurt her friends, slowly and painfully.
Bio: Born to queen Talla, Alice is of royalty, although Alice have been born with a unknown and mysterious curse which has not manifested itself yet. Alice never knew her father and any attempts to prod her mother or her retainers Crystal(Who mysteriously appeared the day Alice was born and became her retainer, though when questioned, claims she's always been a part of Solrus) and Virgo(An old friend of queen Talla who became Alice's retainer wary about Alice, the aspects about her, Crystal and espec
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 74
Shattered Fates: Shea
Name: Shea
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Half Demon Lucario Girl
Alignment: Chaotic Good/ Chaotic Neutral 
Role in Battle: Offense/Tank
Universe: PoGVerse
Outfit: Jacket, Tank Top, Sweat Pants
Skin/fur: Has black and dark grey fur
Hair: Is long but has a Red Tuft at the left eye
Eyes: is blue like her fathers but slowly goes from indigo to purple to magenta when angered, red being enraged and when she goes demon on your ass
Other Appearance: eyes change color, bust E, if demon gains bat wings, claws and her fur is black and red.
Tools and weapons: any gun she can get her hands on though she prefers automatics like her MP5 and her twin Tarus Judges with long barrels that are loaded with shotgun shells
Personality: She is not very confident in herself but like her father, she is loyal to her friends...she is quite meek and shy but if you get to know her she is nice too. In her demon form she is pretty much a chaotic maniacal doggo who is crazed and will attack any thing in sight.
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 166
Shattered Fates: Miles Stormrider
Name: Miles Stormrider/ SS!Awe
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Leiathan Dragon with some foxlike traits including two tails
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Role in Battle: Tank/Offense
Universe: Spirit Successors
Outfit: Doesnt really wear anything in his default form yet when disguised as a human he Wears all black... He wears a jacket with a hood that has two fox ears on it and a black t-shirt underneath. The jacket does possibly contain real fox fur on it. He also wears gloves that have claw like designs for the fingers. His pants are also black and lined with scale like material and possibly real fox fur. They also have an extension for two fake fox dragon like tails. The pants also have pockets where Awe stores things. The shoes are finally modelled after dragon claws and you guessed it, all black.
Skin/fur: In human form he has white skin, in his default form he has black fur and black scales
Hair: Regardless its black
Eyes: blue slits dragon, brown eyes not
Other Appearance: Obliga
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 58
FOXY! :iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 3 119
Shattered Fates: Mira MacCreedy
Name: Mira MacCreedy
Age: 18-20
Gender: Female
Species: Neko Shifter(Has dna of a Anthro Zekrom and Anthro Reshiram in her)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Role in Battle: Offense/Support/Leader
Universe: "well uh this is complicated.... My mother and father came from the now Destroyed ERverse, yet I was born in the"
Outfit: When not in the Ethrian Armor, Mira wears a black tanktop with a rainbow heart on it, a combat skirt and sock stockings....and a black flight jacket. Mira also wears some earrings too. The Ethrian armor, when Mira is wearing it, it covers her from her feet to the base of her neck and is designed for her, with several orbs on each of the arms to hold electricity and fire energy. The armor also shifts to adjust when she shifts forms. She also wears a Red Scarf on her neck and sometimes wears it over her nose and mouth, regardless of what form she is in
Skin/Fur: Appears to be somewhat tan when in human form, in the reshiram form fur is typical for a
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Mature content
Reshiram :iconelpatrixf:elPatrixF 601 49
Deimos Wallpaper :iconepicblargman:EpicBlargman 33 18 deimos :iconanimalalf:animalalf 42 35 Deimos :iconkagejason:KageJason 35 6 Splash Screen. :iconkrinkels-r909:Krinkels-R909 113 28 Sanford and deimos :iconkrinkels-r909:Krinkels-R909 89 17 Madness Combat Cards- Series 1 :icontarantulaben:Tarantulaben 79 39
SF: Niles the Demon Champion
Name:  Niles
Age: Unknown (Lost track after assuming demon form)
Gender: Male
Species: Demon (Formerly Human)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Role in Battle: Extremely Offensive (In speech at times AND in fighting)
Universe: Truthverse
Outfit: When not in his Demon armor he wears a pair of ripped jeans, red and black sneakers, a chain on his left, and a red t-shirt
Skin/fur: Dark Red
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Other Appearance: Short demon horns and demon tail
Tools and weapons: Bloodrazor (Demonic short sword. Transforms to suit his needs and loves to talk)
Gear Obtained: None
Personality: A very crazy individual he’s quite questionable in his manner as he is at the center of a lot of chaos. When you rein him in though he does actually care a lot about others. He’s also annoying at times to most
Abilities: Demonic Regeneration, Demonic Vigor, True Demon form
Height: 5'4
Weight: 129 Pounds
Bio: Long before Niles was the Champion of Demons he is now he was a simple adventurer that l
:iconhunterorion21:HunterOrion21 1 26
Shattered Fates: O!Tsubaki
Name: Tsubaki Shima
Age: Late 20's to Early 30's.
Gender: Male.
Alignment: Neutral.
Role in Battle: Sniper/Defense.
Universe: Overwatch.
Outfit: A girl with talon commander armor, she often wears crystal blue diamonds on her armor for a fashionable impression.  She wears light blue armor that is pretty light and mobile.
Hair: Long, beautiful black hair.
Eyes: Deep Blue eyes.
Other Appearances: Western styled boots and crystal earrings.
Personality: O!Tsubaki is quite friendly, yet has a sinister side due to her time in TALON.  She has a love to torment others for information.  She is an expert at torturing others through horrific means and will do so to get information out of others.  She is quite friendly, especially towards Leo. O!Tsubaki is kind and sweet, yet is quite sadistic at the same time!
Height: 6'04
Weight: 195 lbs.
Tools/Weapons: "Pulse" Sniper Rifle (Fires energy rounds), dagger kit, poison-tipped daggers, Jet-Boots (Allows for temporary flight)
:iconlightningboomer:LightningBoomer 1 177
L4D - Witch :iconisismasshiro:IsisMasshiro 6,000 1,416 Just Shira :iconcrashvalentine:CrashValentine 20 7 Nichole the Incineroar :iconcrashvalentine:CrashValentine 26 4
Mature content
~Doot Doot Ebony~ :iconr-mk:R-MK 353 37
How to anger SJW's
:iconren-okara:Ren-Okara 2 0
Complete (TF Request)
    “Hey! Adam! You coming or what?”
    “Huh? Oh… yeah, I guess so…” Once again, I’d been caught staring off into the distance, looking out at the horizon that stretched across Route 13. The beach was just below the ledge I was standing on, and the water surrounding it was looking beautiful as always… but I wasn’t really interested in that. I was more interested in what was beyond the beach… on that massive stretch of land lying just to the left of the beach. Yes, I’d just been walking on it, since it was the easiest way to get to here from my hometown of Lacunosa Town, but even so… there were things on it that I’d never seen before. Things that I really wanted to see. Case and point, the massive crater on the other side of Lacunosa Town: the Giant Chasm.
    “What are you even looking at, anyway?” My friend Pete walked up to me, trying to follow my ve
:iconrobertdayson:RobertDayson 11 12
Perfect Kyurem :iconappletail:Appletail 361 85


by TooDamnFilthy

As you can see...we see a homophobe in his natural habitat... When threatened by reality... He will freyqnetly hell and act immature......


This is why we must stand up to Bullies on dA that harass other users. Because the asshole who chased off Guy's friend is currently riding on her high horses and victim card twisting the truth as well as fucking thinking she's won thinking 'the evil meanie that harassed me and my friends is gone' and acting like an immature fucking bitch. I hope that Guy's friend returns and my thoughts go out to her to make sure she has an excellent day other then this Shit.
One of my good friends was chased off this site by a dirty coward vore fetishist who hides behind her white knights and runs to her mommy to fix her problems for her. Please spare a thought for my friend and send your support if you know her.…

What the fuck is wrong with Discord today? Is Skype trying to drag Discord down with its shittiness? I'm starting to get pissed
(In a similar Vein to Reality Shift RP... You start out already tfed and we go from there.)

You wake up with no memory of last night other then vivid flashbacks. You also discovered you woke up in a tub and your clothes are a mess! That does not matter as you feel sick. After puking your guts in a toilet, you get your bearings. As you tty to figure out what happened last night, and find me, only to see that...we're no longer human.

1. You start out tfed already. Anthro is highly reccomended for this RP
2. Effects are availible
3. Have Fun, this is meant to be lightly story based rp which is meant to be less serious. Think 'The Hangover' of RPs
4. More rules will be added maybe
5. You can be any anthro, just ask, you can also choose to be made of a material instea dof being normal. Just tell me

TG is availibe and thats about it. Suggest effects

What you wake up as:
Other Suggestions:
Answer to Format Questions:

Format Question
Who says the quote 'Cheers Luv, The Calvery's Here!'
(monkey see, monkey do)

You wake up with a throbbing headache. You look around and see you are in some sort of prep area, complete with a locker room with infinite supplies. your gear and such is on the counter next to you. As you get up your senses adjusting, you see what seems to be a succubi demon lord cleaning a P226. She notices you and says "hey I see you're awake... You said that you wished to fight some peeps, so I decided to teleport you the updated Cathedral. Once you're done preparing, head over to a stained glass window and once its done shattering, It'll take ya to where you need to go. Now if you excuse me, I have to clean my gear. by the way my name is Lilith." Lilith then walks off with her gear, leaving you alone

1. No using OP characters...even against the ???? options
2. If you break any rules here, I will boot your ass to the curb, and if you cheat too.
3. Everyone has weaknesses. Find them...though if you ask nicely, Lilith will give hints on most of them
4. fill out the Format or you wont get a fight
5. Every character has a TF day counter. it variouis depending on difficulty. you may cash in counters at any point but losing results in the counters being used against you. Forfiting results in an instant loss
6. You can challenge people in a mix. The counter will combine depending on difficulty
7. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING FIGHT TO THE DEATH! This is until you or my character is rekt by injuries to the point of not being able to continue.
8. Fights will be paused if there is winner. they will continue once counter is off


Easy (1 Day)
1. Matt Date(The Lucario Gunslinger)- the Protector's resisdent Awe. Utilizing typical Lucario abilities as well as his guns which include two custom M500s and  a huge ass hand cannon called the Auralator. he also hides a Demonic Form too.
2. Seras Victoria Hellsing(The Lucario Knight)- the Kingdom of Aether's Awe, this Lucario is the newest Awe to be created. She uses a sword and typical Lucario abilities, but beware those who fuck up her red scarf...

Medium(3 Day)
1. Cygnis(The Dragon Bounty Hunter)- The Dragon Bounty Hunter, FE!Awe is a nightfury armed with tech capable of subduing a dragon....
2. Sean(The Moonlit Umbreon)- Luna and Matt's son, this Umbreon gains power from the moon and utilizes the Lunar KAtana. he is an umbreon so it should not go without saying he has the attributes of one
3. Shea(The Fledgling Demon Lucario)- Luna and Matt's daughter and Sean's twin, this Lucario utuilizes guns and has abilities like her father.
4. Aster(The Cold Sniper)- Link and Rose's daughter. this is one cold bitch. Armed with a Maliwan sniper designed to freeze people, a revolver to freeze people at close, a crowbar and ice pick, dirty tactics and a Kyruem Form... You will be left cold and Lifeless
5. Mira(The True Result)- The Most Severe consequence of the Yin and Yang Project. Armed with  Scorcher, a incinanary MTs-255, and shocker, a lightning OTs-255, lots of knives and a assault rifle, her parents armor and her parents forms...she is deadly yet quiet. Nya~!
6. Athena(The Insane Dragon)- Armed like her father, a nightfury like her father and obsessed with taking down the shoe aliens. This is one insane dragon that you should not really cross.
7. Miles Stormrider(Fox Dragon Guncaster)- This Awe uses an omnigun and has abilities expectd of a fox dragon hybrid, meaning enhanced strength and agility as well as some dragon magics. Mind tricks dont work on him either. He has been through the deepest recesses of the Spirit Realm and BAck, and tormented by Bill Cipher's son himself...this Awe will prove his worth

Hard(5 Day)
1. Vincent Flamerider(The Crimson Raider's Tamer)- This Awe is from a planet which is like the Austrailia Outback and wound up on Pandora thinking that was where he belonged. Armed with a Jakobs 4 barreled shotgun, two Maliwan jakob barreled fire and shock pistols, a Vladof Gurrila Assault Rifle and a Torgue Rocket LAuncher and with a pet Stalker that is no ordinary Badass Stalker, dont fuck with this Aussie.
2. Leo Scaletta(Overwatch's Golden Dragon)- This Dragon Anthro has been through hell and back multiple times. Botken and wary of the world, this Awe is no push over. With all the magical elements and all of Reaper's shotguns combined into a big ass shotgun the size of Zarya's particle cannon which can become four barreled known as The Ultra Hellfire Shotgun and can go full dragon.......can you outlst a dragon trained on how to use his draconic abilities by O!Orion himself?
3.Yin(The Demon of the Resistance)- This Awe is the first offical alternate Awe to be created, and it shows. This Awe is strong and capable of fucking you up with his Reshiram Form. he is stroing, fast, firey and uses Scorcher and several other guns including a M9 known as Dragoon, which is scorcher junior.
4. Jet Deckard(Syndicate Commander)- The commander of the Syndicate as well as JAck Deckard's brother. He is an anthro latios with extreme speed and strength and training from END!Orion and Jet's brother, can take you down. Armed with a Molotov LAuncher and his duel Custom LeMAt's known as Law and Order, which use .44 rounds and 12 gauge shells. he can also summon in his boys too. Fight hard and take lots of supplies, because Jet is not to be fucked with.
5. Sean and Shea(The Twins)- think you can take on Sean and Shea at the same time? Let's see...
6. Aster and Mira(The Experiments)- aster and Mira together. Same as above, only beware when they it might be the thing that leaves you cold and buried in the ice

INSANE!(1 Week)
1. Doom!Awe(the Doom Slayer)- This Awe has no name...he lost it. This Awe is possibly not human. This Awe only feels rage and hatred for all things demonic and has gotten good at killing them with his Bare Hands and in indestructible Praetor armor and carrying a variety of shotguns including two double barreled ones, lmgs he uses as heavy assault rifles, plasma guns, a minigun, rocket launchers, plasmsa  guns, a flamethrower, and a Big Fucking Gun and a chainsaw and artifacts which he uses to go even more crazy...try to find something in his arena to save yourself. oh and he can duel wield MOST OF THE THINGS HE HAS!
2. Jack Deckard(The Hero of Soul)- The Main Awe, and one which is the most powerful Awe. Armed with Aura, Soul and Crystallian Powers, the HEro armor and foxcoat, A Handcannon called HAwkmoon, svereal guns and his signature weapon, his Demon Sword capable of acting like an extremely powerful demonic swiss army knife(Aka it can change forms) known as Crimson. this Awe has multiple forms and a Beast Form(Aka giant ass kitsune). Oh and he defeated Solace, the El MAster of the Sun. 'Nuff Said
3. The Deckard Brothers- Hero of Soul. Syndicate Commander. Choose at your own risk.
4.Leon McCallister(The Gun God)- The Stars of Order's Awe. This guy was the Weaponsmaster for the Stars and assisted on many prominent top operations, including one where he punched the God of Hyperdeath IN THE FACE. And that was when he was Human. as A Gun God, he is armoed with a lotta guns, Ranged is his speciality....annailation is his game.

???????(2 weeks+)
1. Alice Tsukona Deckard(The Omniverse's Last Hope)- The daughter of Jack Deckard and Saki Tsukona. This Girl is both a Hero and a Herald....meaning she has more powers and is more powerful then her parents! With Crimson, Purifaction and Discord, a Buster Sword, Hawkmoon, a lot of guns, Crystallian Powers, Soul Powers, Light and Dark Magic, Aura and a BEast Form as well as a Herald form which is pretty much a Winged GArdevoir capable of unleashing Danmaku to fuck you up. the Empress's public enemy number one(fenir is her number two), this is one sexy and cute girl capable of leaving behind a body count the size of the UK
2. AWE SWARM!- All of the Awes. rushing in. no heals or replinishment. no help. only you against a lot of pissed off Awes. May Arceus see you through.
3. Lilith(The CIA Succubus Demon Lord)-....why....what do you have to have so much to live for...fine..........this is a succubus with CIA training, capable of disarming uyou and is deadly at any range, has powers like a Succubus and her demon lord powers....well........may God have Mercy On You...because he has left the building. What has Zexren Done?

(Will add more if I am not lazy or busy. I will also balance if I decide to change things.)

The Format
Who you are Fighting:
The Promise(Paste this part): I, [Your NAme], have agrreed to the rules and I will promise to follow them. I will be fair in my tf if I win, and if I lose, I will not rage and call bullshit on me and I will expect Awe to be fair. I promise to make this fight a tale to be remembered, and through my spells, cocked guns and sharpened weapons...I will not fail. I will give it all I fucking got! This fight will be Legendary.

FINALLY! Another game not based off of H.P. Lovecraft' themes, Lott and method, but that actually uses them! IS ANYONE EXITED FOR THIS GAME?!? BECAUSE I SURE AS FUCK AM!
APPARENTLY THE WORD ON THE STREET IS THAT EVIL WEEK IS BACK! This is bad, but I have an idea. Saki gave me a very nice red outfit which I think is meant for when she cosplays but that's not the point. It reminds me of Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate and welp. I also found two Jackal Anti-Freak Hand Cannons. Since I don't have a Police Girl... welp I'm on my own for now. Ah well. *puts on the Alucard outfit and grabs the two Hand Cannons* so to all the evil Pokémon out there

How's your health insurance? >:^)
It was early afternoon where I arrived near the stome castle in the distance, looking majestic in the light. The sun was overhead and the day was young. It was quite a journey from my little village, leaving my mother and father behind to chase my destiny. Looking around with my blue slits, brushing away the sky blue tuft of hair which I always had ever since I was a baby, I kept my sword on my back, the sword which my father, a former adventurer, had given me as a inheritance gift for my eighteenth birthday. As I walked towards the castle, I was eager to prove myself as a worthwile knight to my King. However as I drew closer to the castle, a sinking feeling appeared in my stomach. What if I was rejected to become a knight? I mean, this was no longer the simple adventures I had as a kid in the forest with my friends, beating up bullies and such...this was real and if I wasnt careful well.....I shuddered at the thought. 

Luckily out of the corner of my eye, I could spot a gymnasium complex out of the corner of my eye. It even has a sandy field as traiming grounds. While I would not want to get my feet paws dirty, because tracking dirt into a castle isnt exactly a best option, I decided to head there anyways. I along the way saw a Keldeo happily doing laps around the training grounds, water streaming from his hoofs, making sure no dirt got on his hoofs yet making muddy sand where he galloped. I debated whether or not to say hello to the horse, but he could see me as his enemy, an intruder, so I decided against it. I waited until he was farthest from me and then I dashed in with Extreme Speed. As I approached a dummy, I sighed in relief and readied my sword, the blade gleaming in the light. I focused myself and readied to train, to calm my nerves. However, I saw that the Keldeo saw me and well, he turned around to see me 
in my entirety

I saw the Keldeo dash over to me, nearly slipping and falling face first into the sand. He stopped skidding over to me and just stood up as I looked down at him. "Heeeeey there!" He neighed cheerfully at me, as he galloped around me to get a good look at me.  He then stopped once he was back in my vision. "I'm Reilly, a member of The Free Swords! Who are you?". I looked at the little horse, not wanting to be rude and such and I said "Seras Victoria Hellsing, but my friends just call me Seras.". Reilly just hopped in place and replied "Coooool, that's a pretty neat name!" He then gasped as he saw my sword, before shoving his nose inches away from my weapon, before saying "And That's an even neater weapon! You must be a warrior, awesome! Where'd you get it, your hometown? Where's that, where'd you come from?!"

Looking at the pony, I could tell he was clearly very excitable, like a small child. I sighed before saying "Well I come from a town far from the kingdom. I was raised by two adventurers who decided to settle down and have me. My mother is a former Lucario mercenary and my Dad was also a Mercenary and adventurer too. They met, fell in love, and had me. As for my sword, well, my father gave it to me when I was 18." The Keldeo stepped back, falling down on his rear and staring up at me with a happy smile on his face, im the process sinking any hopes of him going anywhere fast. "Ohhhh, WOOOW! Not sure if I've ever been there before, might've though, The Free Swords get around a lot, haah" He told me.

He mustve saw my confused look on my face and muzzle, because he waved a hoof at me and said "Ahhh, right, forgot to tell ya: The Free Swords are the Warrior Guild around here. We lend a hoof to anyone in need" 'Well that wouldve helped earlier', I thought to myself as he threw an imaginary punch though he fell over and rolled over to look at me as I backed up a bit and then he continued "Defend the poor, fight the baddies, ya know, that sort of thing. You ever do stuff like that before?". I nodded and replied "Well...yeah....I do have a few"

"There was this one time when I was six, and me and a few others beat up a bunch of older pokemon that were picking on some recently hatched kids and even taking their money for pokepuffs, and I cracked the ringleader over the head with a nearby branch. Taught him not to pick on those kids. Then when I was nine, me and my friends explored a nearby cave and found some treasure and rescued some little kids that git lost in the cave, in the process running into those Bullies from three years ago and well... We beat them up again though it was harder this time as they beat us up too. Then when I was twelve, I and a few of my friends had to save the children from a Hypno that was trying to kidnap a bunch of little kids and kidnapped and hypnotized the bullies. Me ans my team beat up the bullies again to free them from the hypnosis and well...we beat up the Hypno and last I saw of him, he was being taken to the dungeons. Finally when I was fifteen, I had to rescue those bullies alone from an angry Garchomp, and well...I won barely and I finally earned the respect of the bullies." I stopped talking and I saw the Keldeo's eyes glaze over staring at me unblinkingly. Not sure if he was bored or lost in my tales, he suddenly burst into movement, blinking rapidly as a ear to ear smile took over his face. "That. Is. AMAAAZING! So you must be here to become a warrior for Aether! Ooh we are lucky to have you, that's for sure!"

He bounds to his feet, scampering around in a tight circle around me before he stopped right in front of me. "Heeeey, I have a GREAT idea, how 'bout I escort you to the castle? I can give you the ol' Reilly stamp of approval to that grumpy dragon that leads security up there, whatddaya say?" I sighed and, since I didnt want to make the small horse upset, accepted his offer and well, off he went, barely waiting for me as he skipped ahead. As we walked through town, and by walk I mean try my hardest to keep up with the horse, he pointed out several stores and houses of people who lived here, as I noticed an empty house that I could possibly buy smack dab in the middle of two houses. That house was small but it would do for me for now. Later I could meet the neighbors too. However what caught my eye truely however was the impressive castle up ahead. Ivy lines the cracks of the stonework ans a red flag depicting a gold plumaged bird flying at the top of the tower. As we walked towards the entrance, I saw a Charizard standing in the gateway, which I immediately assumed was the "Grumpy Dragon" Reilly was talking about. Said dragon saw me and the Keldeo approach and with a deep sigh, rolled his eyes as he approached me. I fixed my long scarlet red scarf i always kept around my neck(Mom made me this scarf when when I was a baby and i took it with me because one it was chilly and two to remind me of home) as he said "What is it this time, Reilly?" The Fire Type said annoyed. I tried to not show fear because at any sign of weakness, the Fire Type may use a fire move on me, and with my typing, it would probably do more then hurt. He then continued looking me over "Bring us another lost tourist?" I was sweating bullet seeds and my knees began to shake. Oh dear god I was nervous... Luckily Inner Focus kicked in and I calmed down. A hero never panics after all

Reilly seemed to have my back, as he said "Oh noooo, not a tourist, this one's a warrior, like you Gawain!" Reily then extended his hoof towards me in exaltation, as if he was showing me off. I just did my best stoic face. "Ta-daaaa! This is Seras Victoria Hellsing! Though her friends call her Seras!" "Charmed," Gawain uttered back snorting a tiny puff of smoke. He then looked at Reilly and uttered "Alright, I'll take it from here." "O-kaaaay, byeeeee!" Reilly responded back as he trotted off, leaving me with Gawain who just gestured me to follow him into the Castle Courtyard. Sheathing my sword back onto its scabbard on my back, I followed him into the Castle courtyard

"So you want to be an Aetherian warrior, eh? Fine, it might be your funeral, 'specially with what's been going on lately... But I got a few questions to ask you before you meet the king and queen. First, where are you from?" He asked me. I sighed,mthinking that I'd have to repeat a few answers but fine by me "A village here in Aether. Born and raised in this kingdom and willing to serve it" "Age?" Gawain asked me, and, getting the feeling that if I did not, the Charizard would probably crush my windpipe and kill me, I replied "Nineteen good Sir" "Any family back home? Parents, siblings, spouses, that sort of thing?" He asked me as I notice he was jotting down my answers on a piece of parchment that he was keeping in his pocket. "Well...theres my mom and dad back home, and Im not married. As for siblings....I had a twin brother, but he died when I was three...." I began to tear up but Gawain snapped me back to reality when he asked "Which items are you carrying with you at this time?" Grateful that he didnt notice me crying, I replied "Well... My Family's Sword given to me by my Father when I turned Eighteen. Im also carrying with me my Scarlet Scarf which my mother made for me when I was a baby, and kept it ever since for good luck and such. And also some snacks for the road and such as well as enough cash to buy a house here. Other then that, no." Gawain nodded and penned the last letter on the parchment just as we reached the castle's front doors, where a Kricketune with quite the impressive mustache was waiting. 

"Ah, captain, I see you've met our latest warrior recruit," the bug remarked lightly. I was more surpised at the fact that the bug knew I was coming, but Gawain was more shocked then I was "Wha-?" Gawain furrowed his brow looking at the bug "How did you know that already, Gaius?" "I was informed of their arrival by Reilly," Gaius replied, helpfully explaining briefly how he knew I was coming. He walked down the steps to our level, taking the parchment from Gawain's claws. "He was quite impressed by their past actions and pratcically begged me to hurry their citizenship process alomh. Judging by their answers to you and Reilly, I would say they are more then qualified to join Aether's warrior ranks, wouldn't you say?". The Charizard harrumphed, before fanning his wings and flying away before shouting down to me "Just try not to die too quickly, rookie!" "Ooh, dont't listen to him," Gaius nervously laughed, his antennae twitching atop his head. He then continued "We have been beset by misfortune recently, and it has affected the good captain quite severely. I am Gaius, the Royal Advisor of Aether, and you are-" He looked at the parchment he took from Gawain before looking back at me "Oh, Miss Hellsing, yes, splendid. Come, follow me to meet the king and queen." 

Gaius then led me into the castle, the two of us walking down a series of hallways as pointed out the various oil paintings hanging on all the walls. Paintings showing the history of Aether, the rulers and heroes, and such as after awhile, we finally reached a pair of double doors. Gaius opened the doors revealing a large throne room illuminated by the sunlight streaming through the bright windows. At the end of the lush red carpet stretching across the room was two thrones: sitting in one was a Male Shiny Serperior and in the other was a Female Shiny Arbok. Both snakes watched me and Gaius as the bug led me over the carpet, stopping just in front of the throne, and Gaius spoke "King Alaric, Queen Tara, allow me to introduce Seras Victoria Hellsing!" Gaius then did a flourishing bow towards the royal couple and he continued "They are hoping to be granted citizenship to your kingdom as a member of the warrior class." Having told the good King why I was here, he immediately moved to stand by his throne as the Shiny Seperior stared at me.

What seemed to be an eternity was actually a second before he spoke to me "Good Afternoon. I understand that you have spoken with Reilly and Gawain and they have already asked you a number of questions, but I have two more to ask. I would first like to know this: how did you come about finding my kingdom?" Taking a kneel, I said "My Lord, I was born here, in your kingdom. My parents chose to settle down here after they have adventured for so long throughout the kingdoms." I saw the King nod slowly before he asked another question "Now, most importantly, why exactly do you want to become a citizen in my country?" I looked up and I said "Because I wish to prove myself a capable adventurer, and worthy of the last name Hellsing. I wish to do that by serving the nation I was born in. The King nodded and told me "Well, I see no issues with anything you have told me" The King smiled slightly. "In fact, I am quite pleased. I am glad to state that I am prepared to offer you the citizenship that you so desire" "Congratulationsss" The Queen added, grinning around her lisp as I stood. "We are happy to have you join ussss" "I echo my wife's sentiment" The King agreed as he said the words that sealed my new purpouse in my defend King, Queen and Country against the forces of darkness and Evil

"Welcome to Aether!"
PoA App: Seras Victoria Hellsing
Name: Seras Victoria Hellsing

Job Title: Knight

Support Job: UNKNOWN(not yet given)

Species: Lucario

Gender: Female

Age: 19


Race: Aetherian

Characteristic: A Little Quick Tempered

Nature: Brave

Family Sword- A simple Sword passed down from generation to generation. This Steel sword has seen a lot of combat
Scarlet Scarf- Made for Seras when she was a baby by her mother, this long red scarf is soft and ALWAYS on Seras no matter what she wears. This scarf has seen and survived a lot with no damage and even,nif one looks closly, sees a couple of repairs made by Seras or her Parents. It brings Seras comfort too


Boon: NOPE


Move set:
1. Extreme Speed

2. Close Combat

3. Aura Sphere

4. Bone Rush



Personality: Seras is often quiet, preffering to keep to herself most of the time. She is not antisocial as if someone talks to her, she is willing to have a conversation with them. To people she knows, Seras is a sweet person with a sense of justice, and she, if her friends need help with something, will often head over to help and such. In battle, Seras takes on a focused and determined tone, looking out for her allies as well as ensuring that her foes meet Justice at her hands. However for those who touch or even worse, mess up,  her scarf, well....ever seen an Angry Lucario wielding a sword before? If so, better duck, as she will try to decapitate you if you are not a close friend, otherwise she gives an angry stern reprimanding. However Seras hides some emotional torment, and if her sibling is mentioned, she will cry.

History: Seras's parents were adventurers and they met while on an adventure. They fell in love and well, after several more adventures, they settled down in a village in Aether, and, after a passionate night of lovemaking and some time, Seras was born during a nice afternoon. Seras was also born with a twin riolu, David. The two riolus were inseperateable and Seras's mother knitted and made the twin riolus two scarves. One is the scarlet Red scarf Seras wears so close to her now, and the other was a blue scarf which David wore. However, tragety struck when Seras was three, and she witnessed her brother drowning in a river. Despite her attempts to save David and her Parents trying too, David died. Seras was tramutized that day and she became upset. The memory is extremely suppressed even to this very day. However other then that, Seras had a reletively normal childhood, as she befriended some kids from her village and together they would have a few adventures, as Seras would often help around the village and beating up older kids who used their power to bully the innocent. Her sense of justice however only esculated as she went from rescuing kids from caves, to fighting a dangerous crinimal, a hypno as a matter of fact, to save the children from the Hypno, who was actually a known slaver. She even however, defended her former tormenters, against a Garchomp, which she barely repealled, yet earned the respect of her tourmenters. Training with the sword and her abilities, eventually, when she turned Eighteen. She heard of her father and mother's adventures as she was given her family's treasured sword as a heirloom. She then decided to head off and, taking enough cash to buy a house, as well as her scarf, her sword and some provisions to last her on the road and a few days more, she left her Village and her Parents and headed off to make a name for herself as a warrior for Aether.

AND THERE WE GO! I shall add addional info, I.E Likes, Dislikes, Fears, relationships and her status as I go along. Im sorry if her history is a bit dark and I Will change it if necessary. I hope this is good. Also her name is a Reference to an Anime, and if you can tell me, well, you win a free internet. 
Seras belongs to me
Pokemon of Avalon belongs to its respective owners
Lucario and Pokemon belong to Game Freak and Nintendo
Name: Lilith (Former Name Lily Nightingale)
Age: Is Immortal (She was converted into what she is now at 21, so she appears that) "I no longer have an age..."
Gender: Female
Species: Succubus(Was formerly Human)
Alignment: True Neutral "I may be a Succubus and destined to be a demon lord but I am not evil! I have a duty to my country and I will fight to protect it!"
Role in Battle: Offense/Shadow
Universe: Truthverse
Outfit: Lilith wears Combat Boots, Black Spec Ops Pants, a Black Thermal T-Shirt underneath a Black leather jacket and a Black Spec Ops Recon Combat Vest. She also has several holsters for her knife and other weapons. Lilith also wears Fingerless gloves as well as sunglasses with a TAC-VISOR built in. When she is using her Demonic Powers, her outfit changes to reveal more skin typical for a succubi, much to her dismay
Skin: She is fair skinned with her being caucasion
Hair: Long black hair.
Eyes: Orange-Red demonic eyes.
Other Appearances: When she is using her demonic powers, bat wings and a succubus's tail appears on her. No horns however, she cut them off rather painfully a LONG time ago. Bust size typical for a Succubus, so they are large, yet in her human form, she kips it to a realistic E, yet when she is unleashing her demonic powers, her true bust size which is at least FF shows.
Tools and Weapons: While she is trained in hand to hand, knife combat as well as other weaponary, she prefers pistols, smgs, one handed shotguns when needed, assault rifles and her knife
Personality: Lilith is often focused on the mission, preferring to not take risks that would jepordize the mission. She takes a serious no nonsense attitude to the Crew and despite how young she looks as well as how sexy she appears, she does NOT like being called sexy, yet she will play along if it concerns the mission. She is also reluctant to use her powers, preferring to spite Zexren by not using them, much to his chargin. Despite her cold exterior, off the missions, she does show a caring side and can be compassionate, offering advice to those who need it as well as helping out someone IF they ask nicely.
Abillities: Knife and Hand to Hand combat, Marksmanship, Demonic powers typical of a Succubi as well as powers for a Demon Lord.
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 130 pounds
Bio: One Night in Sweden, a group of terrorists with views that Anthros and other nonpureblood humans should be exterminated, took a summit for anthro and nonhuman rights that contained anthros who were acting as diplomats for nations including the US as well as UN officals hostage. The Terrorists demanded that they recieved money and that the free world bowed to their views. Instead, the terrorists were killed brutally one by one as they hunted like animals in the building they took hostage. When soldiers later entered the Embassy, they found all the hostages unharmed and all the terrorists dead theough various gunshot wounds as well as knife incisions to the face and neck area as well as stabs to the chest. However they found the leader of the Terrorists did not suffer any wounds yet was dead, and an autopsy of the Terrorist Leader found that he was killed through supernatrual, possibly magical means, and his eyes were all black with orange dots on them. When one of the represenatives that were at the summit were questioned, they said that a task force, led by a woman with orange-red eyes saved them, as well as the woman doing something to the man, that resulted in some energy that took a heart like shape being taken before a small firey crack opened sending the soul down, presumingly to Hell. This job was one of Lilith's finest moments and a operation she was proud of. But Lilith was not always a succubus...she didnt plan on working for the CIA's secret task force, protecting the free Lilith was born Lily Nightingale in a small suburb in California in May 1963. Growing up Lily was an awkward girl, average looking, a bit on the ugly side and, as a teenager and college student, was flat chested, causing teasing and such from other girls. Despite this Lily kept a positive attitute, studying and partying with the few friends she had. Her life would change, for better or for worse, in the summer of 1984. Reagen was president, Orson Welles book 1984 was popular, the Cold War tensions were slowly beginning to go down and fears of Nuclear War was still pretty high, what from movies like Threads and The Day After. Anyways Lily was upset, as all of the teasing of the girls, combined with her boyfriend breaking up with her for a blonde bimbo, Lily was not in a good state of mind. Her friend and roommate, Vanessa, an fellow outcast like Lily, decided to invite Lily to an meeting of her occult club one fateful saturday night. With nothing to do, Lily came to the meeting, only to discover that they were summoning a demon lord by the name of Zexren. Needless to say, one gory sacrifice of a goat and alongside a few of the club members being dragged to hell, Zexren appeared. Ignoring the ones who summoned him, Zexren saw something in Lily, which he later revealed to her years later, that caused him to be intrigued. Zexren offered Lily a chance to become beautiful at the cost of something... No intelligence dumbing, no being dragged to hell, just something she would see later down the road. Lily, being the dumb naive college girl she was, agreed and shaked his hand and Zexren used his demonic energies to enhance Lily, which knocked her out. The next morning, Lily found that she was now a smoking hot black haired beauty. Happy with the deal she made, and shaking off the now reddish tint in her irises, she spent her college semester doing well, being invited to parties and even managing to win back her boyfriend from that bimbo. However, Lily would see the cost that her wish given her at the Graduation Party some seniors were throwing for themselves, at which Lily and her boyfriend got invited to! After partying and such, enjoying the drinks and music, she went upstairs with her boyfriend to get laid and such...however, just as Lily was about to get it on....she blacked out after a flash of energy happened....when Lily awoke, she discovered her boyfriend dead and pale, his soul having been stolen and Lily's breasts have become ginormous. Staggering to a mirror, she screamed in horror as she saw she had a succubi's horns, bat wings, a demonic tail and her eyes were now red-orange. That was the least of Lily's problems as Zexren appeared behind her, asking if she liked her new form. Angry, Lily demanded to be turned back before Zexren told her that she lost her soul permenantly and she couldnt be turned back, before Zexren explained this was for the better, least according to him, as now she was immortal, sexy like she wanted and that now she had powers that Vanessa could only dream about. Crying, Lily asked why before Zexren then told Lily to find him once she calmed down a bit so Zexren could tell Lily why he blessed her with the life of a immortal succcubus and, renaming her Lilith, dissapeared, leaving behind a set of clothes. Upset and Horrified with what she wished for, and what it cost her, and angered with how Zexren  ruined her life and destroyed her dreams, Lily, now Lilith, took a knife and cut her horns off painfully before dehorning herself permenantly and, after finding a way to make the tail and wings dissapear without having to cut it off, as she nearly passed out cutting off her horns, though the wound unbeknownest to her regenerated quickly before being covered by her now black as midnight hair. Looking at her orange red eyes with tears in her eyes, she put on her clothes before dissapearing, faking her death. Lilith would then spend several years of her now newly immortal life as a drifter, taking odd jobs to sustain herself and being forced at times by her new succubus side to steal souls. Lilith never stayed in one place, and losing contact with her family and brothers and her friends, began wandering, considering herself a monster. Her life changed for the better, when she saw a blind child of a Virginia Senator being kidnapped in 1992. She followed the kidnappers to a warehouse where she tried rescuing the child,only to get discovered by the gang that kidnapped the child. They shot Lilith only for Lilith to dsicover her regenerative abilities and, unleashing her succubus side, killed the attackers and saved the child before turning back and running off. However word got around and a man by the name of Richard Myron tracked Lilith down and confronted her on her rescue of the child as well as what she was. Myron then offered Lilith a place at the CIA as an field agent, promising a home, food, and a job serving her country. Lilith having no place to go, took the offer and introducing herself as Lilith, joined the CIA and got a place at the training academy thanks to Myron pulling some strings. Discovering that Myron was one of the top field opertives at the CIA, Myron trained Lilith as his protege in hand to hand combat, knife fighting and firearms. Once Lilith graduated from the academy, Myron became Lilith's handler and opertive and Lilith, now in a black ops division of the CIA gained a team of elite Spec Ops. With purpouse to her now immortal life, Lilith served her country as one of the best CIA opertives out there. However fate has a strange way of bringing Lilith's past to haunt her, and one day in 2017, Lilith was assigned to take down a rouge US Army Commander by the name of Ashton Wallcroft...who was now working with an unknown organization to assist them as well as help Wallcroft with a genocidal plan to kill all nonhumans. Lilith and her team tracked down Wallcrift only to discover the base was already under attack by one Jack Deckard and his Crew. Rescuing Jack Deckard and his Crew from the self destructing base, Lilith was found once again by Zexren, and, after Myron was mind controlled into making Zexren Lilith's new handler as well as learning about the Protectors and Disruptors, discovered why Zexren made Lilith a succubus all those years ago: she had the potential to be a Demon Lord. Lilith then assisted Jack and his Crew, along with the protectors in taking down Wallcroft and weaking the Disruptors, during which Lilith embraced her new powers somewhat, becoming another Demon Lord. However, she used her new powers and such to assist her country, much to Zexren's chargin. However, now, after discovering the threat that is the Empress as well as discovering the Crew now splintered thanks to a successful trap and plan by the Empress, Lilith headed to Elysium hoping to join Alice and help her reunite the Crew as well as defeat the Empress.
Fun Facts: Lilith HATES being flirted with and she usually kills or maims anyone who flirts at her
Is Immortal meaning she cannot age and is stuck looking like she is 21... Not that she somewhat does not mind, as her body is stuck at a excellent physical condition not slowed down by age
Does not use her demon powers often to spite Zexren
Has a Grudge against Zexren
Badass Rank/Total Level: 10
Fighting Styles:
CIA Wetworker- Using a silenced pistol and a knife, Lilith relies on her stealth and guile to take her opponents down(Level: Two)
CIA Opertive- With her knife and pistol, Lilith fights up close taking her opponents down with disarms, hand to hand combat, knife finishers and the occassional human shield(Level: Two)
Spec Ops Soldier- Welp its time to go loud and holy shit does she go loud. Using either an smg, shotgun or assault rifle and various stun and flashbangs alongside some flame grenades and cluster frags, she makes her oppoents go DOWN!(Level: Two)
Dark Succubus- Obviously as a Succubus, Lilith has access to a variety of demonic magics and charms. Using these, Lilith sows chaos on the battlefield and even causes some damage too. This style is out if Lilith reveals her bat wings and her outfit becomes a bit more revealing and her assets look more bigger. (Level: Two)
Queen of Demons- If all else fails and Lilith is pushed here...she unleashes her true power, showing off her succubus aspects and the true size of her assets and her outfit becoming more revealing. Be warned however, her appearance best not distract because she is capable of destruction like you have never seen. (Level: Two)
The Black Widow: Her natrual Succubus abilities, even while in a human form, combined with some CIA techniques allow Lilith to be more persasive towards men, even more effective toward them. Lilith does 10% more damage towards Male Opponents and gains a +2 charisma advantage when persuading Men. What a Femme Fatale
Demon Lord Resistance: As Lilith discovered when rescuing a senator's soon, regular bullets do not do much against her! As a result, most bullet based weapons(like regular guns or non enhanced guns) do 85% less damage to her. Even A Non enhanced .500 S&W just staggers her and stings heavily! Bullet based Guns that are enhanced with elements do more damage however with 50% reduced damage however and demonic bullet based guns and/or angelic bullet based guns do 20% less damage to her while elemental demonic and elemental angelic bullet based guns, along with eldrich guns and energy weapons do regular damage to her. Melee has yet to be determined.
Strength: 20
Perception: 25
Endurance: 20
Charisma: 30
Intelligence: 20
Agility: 20
Luck: 10
Healing: 0
Magic: 25
Stealth: 30
Stealth- Lilith gets down and using the enviroment as well as the shadows, gets down. With her silenced pistol and knife, Lilith sneaks around, and anyone she attacks with her ranged pistol gets a 2x stealth magnifier added. Combine with a headshot for a crit and Lilith, at the cost of possibly revealing herself assuming how close she is to an opponent and rate she is attacking and such, and Lilith can take an opponent down. She can only stay hidden for so long however as the longer she is hidden and in one area, especially with a body count, the better if a chance she has to be discovered(CIA Wetwork, Sustained Skill, Level One)
Backstab- Lilith takes out her knife and if behind an opoonent and near enough, reveals herself quickly before stabbing her opponent and dragging off the opponent resuming stealth, assuming she wasnt spotted during the backstab (CIA Wetwork, Active Skill, requires Stealth to be active, Level One)
Disarm- Lilith dashes to an opponent and punches them before grabbing their weapon and after a strength check, disarms her opponent by taking his/her weapon, unloading it if its a gun before throwing it away for either weapon catagory and kicking her opponent back, having a small chance to stun (CIA Operative, Level One)
Human Shield- If Lilith is near an opponent who is stunned and/or disarmed, Lilith grabs and subdues her opponent before wrapping her arm around their neck and taking them hostage. In this mode, Lilith moves a hell of a lot slower and reloads slower, but her human shield takes most of the damage for her. She can get rid of a shield if the target is alive by snapping their neck or if the target is dead and not utterly blasted apart just disposes of the target. CANNOT BE USED ON BOSSES NO MATTER WHAT! Lilith cannot also subdue and use opponents like the Heartless, Ghouls and other undead creatures, Robots and Super Mutants for Human Shields...yet (CIA Operative, Level One)
Overwatch- Lilith focuses and roots herself down before any opponents that step in her range and eyesight get shot at. She has increased accuracy in this mode yet cannot move at all, meaning an opponent can get the drop on her if they are sneaky enough (Spec Ops Soldier, Level One)
Flashbang- Lilith throws a flashbang and anyone in the flashbangs range, be it Ally, Opponent or Lilith herself, gets stunned by a loud noise and flash. This can allow Lillith or anyone to take advantage and be able to attack upon said opponent without risk of getting attacked back. (Spec Ops Soldier, Level One)
Hellfire Ball- Lilith charges some hellfire before tossing it at an opponent, doing small splash damage as well as some fire and demonic damage. (Dark Succubus, Level One)
Charm- Lilith sends a charm bolt towards a male opponent, putting them under her spell...this allows Lilith to control the person and have them kill for her. She can cast this on as many opponents as she pleases yet they must be male and not have a high will. The charmed opponents however, will wait for Lilith to order them to 'die for her love', in this case suicide, before offing themselves or fighting amongst themselves killing themselves in the process. It can wear off however...(Dark Succubus, Level One)
Hellfire Storm- Lilith opens a portal above a small area, sending down hellfire balls in a small area. Lasts for a little bit but no amount of cover can save you from that area!(Queen of Demons, Level One)
Summon Imps- Lilith begins opening a portal to hell leaving her exposed to damage before she succeeds, allowing a whole horde of imps(similar to how they look in the Doom Reboot) to come in and attack. The Imps can come in eight flavors: regular, Envy(which are capable of poisoning opponents with range and melee and are shown with a greenish hue), Pride(which are stronger then regular imps and can boost anyone, imp, Lillith or her allies nearby them), Gluttony(Which can take more damage and eat dead opponents to regain health but are slower), Sloth(Which are fast buggers ieonically and can slow down opponents with the residue they leave behind alongside their melee and ranged attacks but are squishier), Greed(which are capable of bringing Lilith universal credits from dead opponents as well as distract oppoents with their golden look), Wrath(Which do extra fire damage both with ranged and melee as well as explode when killed) and Lust(Which can charm opponents for Lilith with melee and ranged attacks.). The Imps, despite appearing in a swarm, are weak and lightly armored, and if Lilith is interrupted during the summoning process, less imps or even none at all can be deployed. (Queen of Demons, level one)
Gear: Spec Ops Combat Knife, P226 Custom(a P226 made especially for Lilith, it has a grip, long barrel, fmj rounds and fast mags equipped onto it. Lilith also carries around a silencer and muzzle flash for when she goes quiet), Pharo x2(Duel Wielding Burst SMGs...not a bad idea. Maybe the Pharo sucks less duel wielded)
Universal Credits: 1000
SoulTech Orbs: 0
Zexren Tokens: 0
Serum: 100
Scrap: 100…



Awestriker007's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, n welcome to my Deviant page, here are some things that you'll need to know about what I do here
1. I am a writer, so DO NOT ask me to draw something, my drawing skill is Equivalent to Chasethehedgehog's(Look him up on Encyclopedia Dramatica)
2. I do requests... Yet I will post a journal when they are open
3. Art Trades are closed
4.Commisions are 10 points.
5.I make whatever the hell I want, if you're not satisfied with one thing I write about! You May like another thing I write about. If you don't like any thing I write about... You may like my TFRP series and so on and so forth.
8. Have Fun With my TFRP plz :3
9. DO NOT MESS WITH :iconshiplordjason: IN ANY WAY... IF YOU DO...

With all that stuff outta the way... Justs suggestions you know.. Not rules... Justs suggestions, unless they're in caps... I'll update the profile If I thinkmof another thing that you need to know about me or a suggestion Now stuff about me:

Sexuality: Straight(Actually Bisexual, but I lean towards the female sexually perference a but)
Favorite Food: Baked Ziti
Favorite Soda: Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew and Root Beer

DA FAMILY(Ask if you want to be in my DA family):
:iconawestriker007:- Me... Obviously... Also because I am part of the DA family... So yeah...
:iconshiplordjason:-My bloody neko love and who is my partner in crime against anything... Even in alternate universes our love is a great and powerful thing
:iconiprogamer2:- Anthro Houndoom who is usually female and the damsel in distress at times with weapons to protect himself/herself or needs to be saved by me
:iconcrazedfoxmrn:-Vixen Sister who tfs anyone who messes with me or my friends
:iconsun4000:-A Cradily who is no only batshit insane at times, but I am sometimes at odds with.. But I consider him a great friend
:iconyoutuberjeremyn1000:- Half Brother from the same father that can transform from an eevee and back
:iconvanitasthe2nd:- Half Brother "a man of light shrouded in darkness"
:icondragonitemaniac:-Dragonite brother that loves belly rubs and playing pranks on me
:iconalienqueenslayer132:-The Xeno Queen who used to play Halo with me… Thanks for the memoiries... Until you came back as :icongoldbeargoldenfreddy:... Now you're once again the Xeno Queen who still plays halo with me... Welcome back
:iconsmartluxray:-Little bro with the Greninja hoodie.
:iconartictheiceheart:-That one Illusion guy.. I know you might be a Zoroark tho :3
:iconzerothehumanfighter:- Guy who doesnt mind his gender changed that much
:iconericthelucario:-My Lucario Pet
:iconyoshifull:-Half brother from the same Mother
:iconlunarherodelta123:-My shapeshifting sister
:iconsilvermaxus253:- The Winged Lucario Best friend that likes tfing people and got me and Grimm into team END
:icondjanjie:- Daughter of death and one of the best friends a guy could have.
:iconthegreatgraywolfsif:- A fucking awesome friend and cool girl.
:iconwolfprincematt: Gay Bipolar Wolf


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