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FINALLY! by Awestriker007 FINALLY! :iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 2 65
Mature content
Yin and Yang's Memoir: The Panic Part II :iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 3
Shattered Fates: Yuri Petrovnasev
Name: Yuri Petrovnasev
Age: 50s-60s
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Role in Battle: Tank
Universe: Spirit Successors
Outfit: Yuri wears a coat with an armored vest beneath, combat pants and boots. His coat has the Spetnaz symbol on it as well as the Soviet coat of arms. It also has a couple soviet medals on it
Skin/fur: White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Other Appearance: Has a long beard and various scars on him
Tools and weapons: He prefers his Fists/Knuckle Dusters, Hammer and Sickle, Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers and other heavy Weapons as well as Hand Cannons and Shotguns.
Personality: Yuri is restrained, yet it can be told he has sadistic tendencies as well as enjoys the thrill of combat. He is however experienced
Abilities: Massive Strength and Endurance
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 200 pounds
Bio: Little is actually known about Yuri, other then the fact that he was a feared mercenary, served in the Soviet Millitary as a Black Ops opertive, and is extremely strong. How
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 47
PoA App: Seras Victoria Hellsing
It was early afternoon where I arrived near the stome castle in the distance, looking majestic in the light. The sun was overhead and the day was young. It was quite a journey from my little village, leaving my mother and father behind to chase my destiny. Looking around with my blue slits, brushing away the sky blue tuft of hair which I always had ever since I was a baby, I kept my sword on my back, the sword which my father, a former adventurer, had given me as a inheritance gift for my eighteenth birthday. As I walked towards the castle, I was eager to prove myself as a worthwile knight to my King. However as I drew closer to the castle, a sinking feeling appeared in my stomach. What if I was rejected to become a knight? I mean, this was no longer the simple adventures I had as a kid in the forest with my friends, beating up bullies and such...this was real and if I wasnt careful well.....I shuddered at the thought. 
Luckily out of the corner of my eye, I could spot a gymnasium
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 2 44
Shattered Fates: Lilith
Name: Lilith (Former Name Lily Nightingale)
Age: Is Immortal (She was converted into what she is now at 21, so she appears that) "I no longer have an age..."
Gender: Female
Species: Succubus(Was formerly Human)
Alignment: True Neutral "I may be a Succubus and destined to be a demon lord but I am not evil! I have a duty to my country and I will fight to protect it!"
Role in Battle: Offense/Shadow
Universe: Truthverse
Outfit: Lilith wears Combat Boots, Black Spec Ops Pants, a Black Thermal T-Shirt underneath a Black leather jacket and a Black Spec Ops Recon Combat Vest. She also has several holsters for her knife and other weapons. Lilith also wears Fingerless gloves as well as sunglasses with a TAC-VISOR built in. When she is using her Demonic Powers, her outfit changes to reveal more skin typical for a succubi, much to her dismay
Skin: She is fair skinned with her being caucasion
Hair: Long black hair.
Eyes: Orange-Red demonic eyes.
Other Appearances: When she is using her demonic powe
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 2 60
Shattered Fates: Elsword!Awe
Name: Alan 'Awe' Sunseeker
Age: 11-12
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Alignment(From Lawful Neutral and Chatoic Good to Lawful and Neutral Evil): Chaotic Good
Role in Battle(Offense, Defense, Tank, Support, Shadow, TActictian, etc.): Offense
Universe(if Appliciable...if left unfilled or put as default, it will be assumed that the OC comes from the Truthverse): Elsword
Outfit: He wears armor resembling that of the El MAster of the Sun Solace minus the visor and the hood.
Skin/fur: Pale skin
Hair: Black hair with a blue tuft covering the left eye
Eyes: Purple-Red
Other Appearance: Has Solace's sigil as a tattoo right on his right arm
Tools and weapons: He utilizes a Longsword known as Flame's Embrace
Personality: He is quite energetic, often looking to do the right thing and help people. However as he is just a kid, his emotions can get the best of him easily
Abilities: Some Adapt Swordsmanship, Fire Magic and of course some of Solace's magic
Height: 5 feet(He's still just a kid so he isnt f
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 206
Shattered Fates: Aster
Name: Aster
Age: As Old as Mira, so 18
Species: Experiment/Shifter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Role in Battle: Offense/Support
Universe: "parents were from the Destroyed its complicated"
Outfit: Wears a Leather Jacket, A Ripped Tank Top, Ripped Jeans, Choker Collar, Combat boots and fingerless gloves. She also wears holsters for her crowbar and guns too as well as brass knuckles
Skin/Fur: In her human form she appears to be somewhat tan. In her Kyruem form she has a appearance typical of a Kyruem. In her Wolf Form she has snow white fur.
Hair: Aster has black hair with a purple tuft covering her left eye.
Eyes: Has eyes that resuemble a Kyruem as well as a Wolf's
Other Appearance: Has DD breasts.
Personality: Aster is cold and borderline emotionless, to the point of not caring. She is comically serious and does not care about her parent's legacy or  anything, just getting the job done. She is ruthless and may not have a soft side. She is also Extremely Cynical, unlike t
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 166
Shattered Fates: Lena
Name: Lena
Age: Unknown, probably 14
Gender: Female
Species: Kitsune-Human hybrid... Prefers her kitsune form however
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Universe: Karis
Outfit: Wears a beautiful shirt, jacket and pants combo adorned with both Icula and Solrus's colors. She also wears some gloves too.
Skin/fur: Light Blue kitsune fur as well as pale skin when in her human form
Hair: when in her human form, silver and black haie which is really long and straight
Eyes: Ice Blue slits
Other Appearance: her bust size is DD- E...yet she is not a fully grown kitsune so that is yet to be her final appearance
Tools and weapons: Has a prefference for Crossbows, Katanas and Claymores
Personality: is EXTREMELY shy and quiet, barely saying much or fact she is so shy and quiet that everyone wonders if she shows any other traits typical for a Kitsune, like playfullness or mischiviousness. She is quite innocent overall
Abilities: Powers over both Ice and Soul magic, Kitsune abilities.
Height: 4 f
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 3 180
Magical Pokemon Cookies!
A commercial catches your eye as it appears on your tv. You see a teen with sky blue hair with a blue tuft covering his left eye, his uncovered eye being a light blue as he's wearing a jacket, shirt, jeans and such. He smiles and waves hello before saying "HI THERE! Are you tired of being a boring old human? Want to switch up your life?!? YES?! THEN INTRODUCING!" The camera then jump cuts to a whole myriad of cookies that look like pokemon and have sparkles on them and look really delicious "MAGICAL POKEMON COOKIES!" Children cheering can be heard as the Teen reappears once more
"These cookies are made using love, care, high quality dough and MAGIC! Unlike regular cookies that are shaped like pokemon..." He takes a cookie, more specifically a lucario cookie and eats it and you watch as he grows very soft silky looking furball over his body and his body gently shifts to the cookie he just ate, and he gains paws and spikes on his handpaws as well as on his chest, his head changing to a l
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 3 215
Shattered Fates: Athena
Name: Athena Thurkearmarinxar
Age: "uh thats complicated...Dragon Years or Human?"
Gender: Female
Species: Nightfury capable of taking a human disguise
Alignment: "WE FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR RIGHT TO ENJOY FOOD AND NOT BE ENSLAVED BY SHOES!" Uhhhhhh Chaotic Neutral? Yeah shes crazy...Chaotic Neutrual
Role in Battle: Rioter/Offense
Universe: Truthverse/Faded Edge
Outfit: When disguised as a human, Athena wears a trenchcoat, pants, a tanktop beneath the trenchcoat, pants, no shoes, a necklace with a kawaii cat head on it and sunglasses. When in her dragon form, she wears nothing...shes a dragon when in that form
Skin/Fur: in Human form, she has white skin. In her Dragon form she has Black Scales
Hair: In human form she has pink hair. In her Dragon form she has none!
Eyes: regardless of Form she has Nightfury eyes
Other Appearances: Her bust size is E
Tools and Weapons: Guns and her wrist blades.
Personality: Athena is goofy and derpy and a bit of a ditz, she can be smart when she is calm...
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 199
Shattered Fates: Jet Deckard
Name: Jet (Real name is Ty Deckard)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Latios
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Role in Battle: Tactitian/ Offense
Universe: Truthverse
Outfit: he wears a Syndicate Battlecoat, which is a trenchcoat of sorts, a tactical vest, black cargo pants and combat boots as well as underneath the vest a thermal shirt. He also wears eyeglasses whoch seem to act like a Tactical Visor, complete with Night Vision, Thermal Vision and other modes
Skin/Fur: Typical Latios colors, and theyre more like feathers
Hair: Messy blond hair
Eyes: Red slits
Other Appearances: nothing of note
Tools and Weapons: High Tech phone capable of calling down syndicate squads and fire support, revolvers, shotguns, explosive weapons and smgs are his main tools...
Personality: Jet is a goof and charismatic yet he is capable of being ruthless and merciless to his opponents...yet to those who befriend him he is nice.
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Weight: 175 pounds
Bio: The brother of END!Awe, Awe always wa
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 123
Shattered Fates: Leo Scaletta
Name: Leo Scaletta/ Overwatch!Awe
Age: he's in his late 20s to early 30s
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Golden Dragon(Was formerly human)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Role in Battle: Offense/Tank/Support
Universe: Overwatch
Outfit: Leo wears a Armored Overwatch Jacket and an armored vest made of steel designed by Torbjorn and Winston for him. Leo also wears some armored pants. The vest and javket does have areas for Leo's wings as does his pants, which has a place for his tail
Skin/Fur: Golden Scales, both colored a golden yellowed as well as lighter white gold some areas "I gotten used to them............i suppose"
Hair: "its more of a mane thing for Dragons...a really messy wider one...." White gold hair with a brilliant sapphire blue tuft near the left eye
Eyes: Sky blue Slits
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 300 Pounds, hes thin as hell though.
Other appearance: horns peaking out of his mane/hair and also a golden tail along with golden draconic wings
Personality: Years ago, Leo could be conside
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 2 144
Shattered Fates: Sean
Name: Sean
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Umbreon
Alignment: LAwful Neutrual
Role in Battle: Support/Defense
Universe: PoGverse
Outfit: Wears a Jacket, T-Shirt, pants and a moon crescent necklace
Skin/fur: Black fur with silver rings that glow in the night on his fur
Hair: "I HAVE FUR!"
Eyes: Red Umbreon Eyes
Other Appearance: Silver Tuft xD
Tools and weapons: Prefer using Katanas
Personality: Sean can be seen as the exact opposite of Shea for the most parts. Sean is very confident and intelligence, preferring to rely on his intellect and such. Sean is as loyal and kind to his friends as his sister. Sean also for the most part can remain a cool head, although he can be quite sarcastic and condascending at times.
Abilities: Lunar MAgic, Umbreon Abilities
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 150 pounds
Bio: Sean is the twin of Shea, so most of the story for Shea can also apply to her brother too. However, While Shea was cursed with her father's demonic abilities, Sean was lucky enough,
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 72
LoK: Crystal
Name: Crystal
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Class: Swordswoman
Race: Human
Personality: Crystal is seen as very mysterious and often has a somewhat bad vibe around her. Often very mysterious and a bit flirty she is seen often accompanying Alice...regardless she is especially merciless to her opponents, reveling in killing the brutally. To those who know her she is seen as cryptic yet kind to those who gain her trust, however she seems to have some reluctance about her around with Alice, as if shes hiding something...nevertheless she is an invaluable ally to those she cares about
How do you serve Kingdom?: Retainer to Alice
Bio: Little is known as Crystal and any attempts to get information about her from her has completely and utterly failed as she would either refuse or lie. All that is known is that on the night of Alice's birth, Crystal mysteriously appeared in Solrus... Upon being apprehended by The guards, Crystal was brought to Queen Talla. Upon being asked why was she was here,
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 52
Karis: Alice
Name: Alice
Age: 16
Race: Human?
Royalty Method: Born In
Class: Spellslinger
Personality: Alice is seen as a kind if not mischievous girl... to her friends Alice is playful, kind and somewhat mischievous...if it wasnt for her race you could say she has the perfect aspects to be a kitsune. To her enemies though Alice is merciless and extremely deadly, fighting them with a steel focus and iron resolve, killing them quickly if possible but for those who hurt her friends, slowly and painfully.
Bio: Born to queen Talla, Alice is of royalty, although Alice have been born with a unknown and mysterious curse which has not manifested itself yet. Alice never knew her father and any attempts to prod her mother or her retainers Crystal(Who mysteriously appeared the day Alice was born and became her retainer, though when questioned, claims she's always been a part of Solrus) and Virgo(An old friend of queen Talla who became Alice's retainer wary about Alice, the aspects about her, Crystal and espec
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 74
Shattered Fates: Shea
Name: Shea
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Half Demon Lucario Girl
Alignment: Chaotic Good/ Chaotic Neutral 
Role in Battle: Offense/Tank
Universe: PoGVerse
Outfit: Jacket, Tank Top, Sweat Pants
Skin/fur: Has black and dark grey fur
Hair: Is long but has a Red Tuft at the left eye
Eyes: is blue like her fathers but slowly goes from indigo to purple to magenta when angered, red being enraged and when she goes demon on your ass
Other Appearance: eyes change color, bust E, if demon gains bat wings, claws and her fur is black and red.
Tools and weapons: any gun she can get her hands on though she prefers automatics like her MP5 and her twin Tarus Judges with long barrels that are loaded with shotgun shells
Personality: She is not very confident in herself but like her father, she is loyal to her friends...she is quite meek and shy but if you get to know her she is nice too. In her demon form she is pretty much a chaotic maniacal doggo who is crazed and will attack any thing in sight.
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 166


by TooDamnFilthy

As you can see...we see a homophobe in his natural habitat... When threatened by reality... He will freyqnetly hell and act immature......


Welp. :iconlightningboomer:'a Levinia got to me and now I'm once again a Busty Lightning Girl. I guess lighting DOES strike twice. Please no puns about electricity for the next three to five days or I'll zap you. Got it?

(No icon does not belong to me)
'Nuff said. Don't know for how long


Also featuring my arm
:iconcyberrune: managed to get me... he made me into a Vinyl Scratch Plushie for a week. This is so weird

(No icon does not belong to me)
Title says it all
(Had this in my head for a LOOOOONG time. Last time I did this, it was great but still i didnt focus on the tf a lot. This time i want to focus on bkth the tf and the fallout of an entire reality changing)

Recently some strange things have been happening all around the world. Countries all around the world are randomly and, with no pattern, and quite bizzarely...well...are tfing into anthros of all kinds, as if the stories of Transformation on DeviantArt and FurAffinity are actually happening! Even worse, the transformed people of that nation dont even remember being human. With no disconcerning pattern and countries pretty much becoming freaking anthros with no explaination...its pretty freaky and everyones on edge. That however is not going to stop us, as we recently won a 2 week all expensives paid trip to Japan, thanks to my MLG skillz at Overwatch. With a lot to do in Tokyo...its hard to keep thinking about countries suddenly being replaced with anthros and such...but when our home country goes dark and gets reality shifted followed by Japan...and we wind up anthros only, thanks to some Mandela Effect-Esque behavior...can we find a way to return to our reality...and do we want to?

TF Into
Anthros of any kind. However I will allow any species: RL Animals, Pokemon, Digimon, Video Game Species, whatever AS LONG as they are Anthro. Ponies like Celstia and Rainbow Dash as well as any pony OCs are also allowed you will just have to be Anthro. MOST Video Game Characters like those from Sonic(like Sally Acorn or any sonic OCs) are allowed as long as they are anthromorphic.
As for Effects, TG as always is a side effect and BE is allowed. There will be partial MC as you WILL gain memories from a reality you were not born in(aka memories of what you are tfing into, like this would be yourself if you lived in the new reality, MtC is availible but you will have to ask. As always other effects are suggestible...and yes if you tg, partial bimbo is availible(i want to see how this effect goes)

Additional Rules
Fill out the Prompt. You get two chances. Fuck up both chances and I will not RP. Answer teh Format Question Too!
2. No godmodding. So when Reality Shifts, dont pull a fucking portal outta your ass.
3. I will be open to romance but it will depend. If i devide to do so, I HEAVILY prefer M/F, and F/F
4. Mature is in Notes OR on Discord if you have me there.
5. Please try for full sentences(at least one or two, enough for me to work with) and fucking proper grammar. I cannot proceed if you go 'k' or '...'
6. Be paitent with RPs. I have a LOT of messages, i may lose your RP. Dont badger me about replies
7. There are NO Multi-TFs. It wont work here anyways. You TF only once(twice if you manage to make it back to our reality), so yeah
8. HAve Fun.

The Format
Who or What you'll become:
Additional Effects:
What you Suggest for our RP:
Answer to the Format Question:

Format Question:
Who says this quote "NERF THIS!"
I got tagged by :iconkillerorkings:.....Freaking Oreos man.

1. You must post these rules
2. Each Person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer questions and make 10 questions
4. Tag 10 people
5. FUCK THESE RULES I DO WHAT I WANT!!!! Pissed Bill Cipher emote 

1. I cant get fat
2. Im allergic to shrimp and shellfish
3. I nearly died thanks to said shrimp and shellfish allergy
4. I git no life
5. I consider myself an Otaku
6. I get headaches when im hungry
7. Im nice but I get easily angered and triggered
8. I like big tiddies
9. I make the craziest RPs
10. I hate smug people

1. Favorite Youtuber and Why
Happy/Victorious Good Luck Markiplier Emoticon IPregnant Markiplier (MEME GIF) Markiplier - Overgrowth Zoom Type 3: 50-px  JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!!
2.How long have you been in dA
two years
3. If you could change one moment in your past, what would it be and why?
When my dogs were about to be gotten rid of, and because they are my going to miss my dogs...
4. Single, dating or married
im single.
5. What would be the first thing you'd do with 1 billion dollars
Question what money laundering scheme i became a part of, if this money is stolen and well where did it come from. Once done, Id put half to the World Wildlife Fund so they can protect this Earth and the rest in a bank account. And tell any of my greedy friends or relatives to fuck off.
6. If Orion competed in the MtG ProTour and qualified would I root for him
....Fuck. Yes
7. Do i play Fire Emblem Heroes?
no. I dont like getting dicked over
8. Is Mayonnaise an instrument
Yes it is. Also Radishes are an instrument too
9. Best game I have ever played?
Hard to decide
10. Finest Moment in my life
When I woke up from a coma that the doctors said id have neruological damage  from, completely recover within the span of a week and become one of only a few cases that have ever done that making his day and his career! DETERMINATION MOTHERFUCKER!

My possibly batshit insane questions
If Up is Down and Down is Up, what is the Square Root of a Fish?
2. Would you punch a Tumblr SJW in the Face?
3. Boobs, Asses or Both?
4. I just made you into a VERY busty anthro girl and ran off. What do you do?
6. What Three Items would you use to summon me?
7. Out of all my Awes...which Awe do you likey?
 You somehow wake up in South Park. The only ones who can help you get home are the boys, since all the adults are useless. Hwo do you get them to help you?
10. If I died....would you miss me?

:iconhunterorion21:/:iconkillerorkings:(YOU CANNOT ESCAPE ME!), :iconlightningboomer:, :iconthegreatgraywolfsif:, :iconcaptaincanada99:, :iconepictyphlosiontv:, :iconsun4000:, :iconnyxllarnana:, :iconbrandonkong:, :iconsilvermaxus253:, :iconepicfennekin:, :iconzehumane:.
Tagged by :iconbrandonkong:. Lets just do this. I also put down reasons and such)

OC who looks like a Cinnamon Roll and actually is a Cinnamon Roll: Alan Sunseeker/Elsword!Awe(Reason: this Awe is freaking 11! Hes a smol child with a sword and Solace's armor....he's not as experienced as the other Awes. So yeah)
OC who looks like a Cinnamon Roll but will actually Kill you: Alice Tsukona Deckard(Reason: She may be nice and sexy but fuck with her Crew and she'll slice your limbs kff with Crimson and then drain your soul. AND GOD HELP YOU IF YOU HURT FENIR!)
OC who looks like they'll kill you but is actually a Cinnamon Roll: Jet Deckard (Reason: Jet may be a Anthro Latios and commander of teh Syndicate, but he cares for his Niece, her friends and his Men as well as Tsubaki. He may look intimidating but hes quite nice)
OC who looks like they'll kill you but actually will kill you: The Empress(Reason: Shes a fucking eldrich abomination who wants to reinstate her dark rule and kill the heroes BRUTALLY as well as feed their babies to Sagawa. Nuff said)

now, :iconhunterorion21:, :iconsun4000:, :iconsyntheticshark:, :iconlightningboomer:, :iconthegreatgraywolfsif: AND :iconcaptaincanada99: Do this!
Welp. :iconlightningboomer:'a Levinia got to me and now I'm once again a Busty Lightning Girl. I guess lighting DOES strike twice. Please no puns about electricity for the next three to five days or I'll zap you. Got it?

(No icon does not belong to me)


Awestriker007's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, n welcome to my Deviant page, here are some things that you'll need to know about what I do here
1. I am a writer, so DO NOT ask me to draw something, my drawing skill is Equivalent to Chasethehedgehog's(Look him up on Encyclopedia Dramatica)
2. I do requests... Yet I will post a journal when they are open
3. Art Trades are closed
4.Commisions are 10 points.
5.I make whatever the hell I want, if you're not satisfied with one thing I write about! You May like another thing I write about. If you don't like any thing I write about... You may like my TFRP series and so on and so forth.
8. Have Fun With my TFRP plz :3
9. DO NOT MESS WITH :iconshiplordjason: IN ANY WAY... IF YOU DO...

With all that stuff outta the way... Justs suggestions you know.. Not rules... Justs suggestions, unless they're in caps... I'll update the profile If I thinkmof another thing that you need to know about me or a suggestion Now stuff about me:

Sexuality: Straight(Actually Bisexual, but I lean towards the female sexually perference a but)
Favorite Food: Baked Ziti
Favorite Soda: Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew and Root Beer

DA FAMILY(Ask if you want to be in my DA family):
:iconawestriker007:- Me... Obviously... Also because I am part of the DA family... So yeah...
:iconshiplordjason:-My bloody neko love and who is my partner in crime against anything... Even in alternate universes our love is a great and powerful thing
:iconiprogamer2:- Anthro Houndoom who is usually female and the damsel in distress at times with weapons to protect himself/herself or needs to be saved by me
:iconcrazedfoxmrn:-Vixen Sister who tfs anyone who messes with me or my friends
:iconsun4000:-A Cradily who is no only batshit insane at times, but I am sometimes at odds with.. But I consider him a great friend
:iconyoutuberjeremyn1000:- Half Brother from the same father that can transform from an eevee and back
:iconvanitasthe2nd:- Half Brother "a man of light shrouded in darkness"
:icondragonitemaniac:-Dragonite brother that loves belly rubs and playing pranks on me
:iconalienqueenslayer132:-The Xeno Queen who used to play Halo with me… Thanks for the memoiries... Until you came back as :icongoldbeargoldenfreddy:... Now you're once again the Xeno Queen who still plays halo with me... Welcome back
:iconsmartluxray:-Little bro with the Greninja hoodie.
:iconillusionconfessing:-That one Illusion guy.. I know you might be a Zoroark tho :3
:iconzerothehumanfighter:- Guy who doesnt mind his gender changed that much
:iconericthelucario:-My Lucario Pet
:iconyoshifull:-Half brother from the same Mother
:iconlunarherodelta123:-My shapeshifting sister
:iconsilvermaxus253:- The Winged Lucario Best friend that likes tfing people and got me and Grimm into team END
:icondjanjie:- Daughter of death and one of the best friends a guy could have.
:iconthegreatgraywolfsif:- A fucking awesome friend and cool girl.
:iconwolfprincematt: Gay Bipolar Wolf


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