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Yin and Yang's Memoir: The Panic Part II :iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 3
Shattered Fates: Yuri Petrovnasev
Name: Yuri Petrovnasev
Age: 50s-60s
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Role in Battle: Tank
Universe: Spirit Successors
Outfit: Yuri wears a coat with an armored vest beneath, combat pants and boots. His coat has the Spetnaz symbol on it as well as the Soviet coat of arms. It also has a couple soviet medals on it
Skin/fur: White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Other Appearance: Has a long beard and various scars on him
Tools and weapons: He prefers his Fists/Knuckle Dusters, Hammer and Sickle, Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers and other heavy Weapons as well as Hand Cannons and Shotguns.
Personality: Yuri is restrained, yet it can be told he has sadistic tendencies as well as enjoys the thrill of combat. He is however experienced
Abilities: Massive Strength and Endurance
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 200 pounds
Bio: Little is actually known about Yuri, other then the fact that he was a feared mercenary, served in the Soviet Millitary as a Black Ops opertive, and is extremely strong. How
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 44
PoA App: Seras Victoria Hellsing
It was early afternoon where I arrived near the stome castle in the distance, looking majestic in the light. The sun was overhead and the day was young. It was quite a journey from my little village, leaving my mother and father behind to chase my destiny. Looking around with my blue slits, brushing away the sky blue tuft of hair which I always had ever since I was a baby, I kept my sword on my back, the sword which my father, a former adventurer, had given me as a inheritance gift for my eighteenth birthday. As I walked towards the castle, I was eager to prove myself as a worthwile knight to my King. However as I drew closer to the castle, a sinking feeling appeared in my stomach. What if I was rejected to become a knight? I mean, this was no longer the simple adventures I had as a kid in the forest with my friends, beating up bullies and such...this was real and if I wasnt careful well.....I shuddered at the thought. 
Luckily out of the corner of my eye, I could spot a gymnasium
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 44
Shattered Fates: Lilith
Name: Lilith (Former Name Lily Nightingale)
Age: Is Immortal (She was converted into what she is now at 21, so she appears that) "I no longer have an age..."
Gender: Female
Species: Succubus(Was formerly Human)
Alignment: True Neutral "I may be a Succubus and destined to be a demon lord but I am not evil! I have a duty to my country and I will fight to protect it!"
Role in Battle: Offense/Shadow
Universe: Truthverse
Outfit: Lilith wears Combat Boots, Black Spec Ops Pants, a Black Thermal T-Shirt underneath a Black leather jacket and a Black Spec Ops Recon Combat Vest. She also has several holsters for her knife and other weapons. Lilith also wears Fingerless gloves as well as sunglasses with a TAC-VISOR built in. When she is using her Demonic Powers, her outfit changes to reveal more skin typical for a succubi, much to her dismay
Skin: She is fair skinned with her being caucasion
Hair: Long black hair.
Eyes: Orange-Red demonic eyes.
Other Appearances: When she is using her demonic powe
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 2 60
Shattered Fates: Elsword!Awe
Name: Alan 'Awe' Sunseeker
Age: 11-12
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Alignment(From Lawful Neutral and Chatoic Good to Lawful and Neutral Evil): Chaotic Good
Role in Battle(Offense, Defense, Tank, Support, Shadow, TActictian, etc.): Offense
Universe(if Appliciable...if left unfilled or put as default, it will be assumed that the OC comes from the Truthverse): Elsword
Outfit: He wears armor resembling that of the El MAster of the Sun Solace minus the visor and the hood.
Skin/fur: Pale skin
Hair: Black hair with a blue tuft covering the left eye
Eyes: Purple-Red
Other Appearance: Has Solace's sigil as a tattoo right on his right arm
Tools and weapons: He utilizes a Longsword known as Flame's Embrace
Personality: He is quite energetic, often looking to do the right thing and help people. However as he is just a kid, his emotions can get the best of him easily
Abilities: Some Adapt Swordsmanship, Fire Magic and of course some of Solace's magic
Height: 5 feet(He's still just a kid so he isnt f
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 206
Shattered Fates: Aster
Name: Aster
Age: As Old as Mira, so 18
Species: Experiment/Shifter
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Role in Battle: Offense/Support
Universe: "parents were from the Destroyed its complicated"
Outfit: Wears a Leather Jacket, A Ripped Tank Top, Ripped Jeans, Choker Collar, Combat boots and fingerless gloves. She also wears holsters for her crowbar and guns too as well as brass knuckles
Skin/Fur: In her human form she appears to be somewhat tan. In her Kyruem form she has a appearance typical of a Kyruem. In her Wolf Form she has snow white fur.
Hair: Aster has black hair with a purple tuft covering her left eye.
Eyes: Has eyes that resuemble a Kyruem as well as a Wolf's
Other Appearance: Has DD breasts.
Personality: Aster is cold and borderline emotionless, to the point of not caring. She is comically serious and does not care about her parent's legacy or  anything, just getting the job done. She is ruthless and may not have a soft side. She is also Extremely Cynical, unlike t
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 166
Shattered Fates: Lena
Name: Lena
Age: Unknown, probably 14
Gender: Female
Species: Kitsune-Human hybrid... Prefers her kitsune form however
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Universe: Karis
Outfit: Wears a beautiful shirt, jacket and pants combo adorned with both Icula and Solrus's colors. She also wears some gloves too.
Skin/fur: Light Blue kitsune fur as well as pale skin when in her human form
Hair: when in her human form, silver and black haie which is really long and straight
Eyes: Ice Blue slits
Other Appearance: her bust size is DD- E...yet she is not a fully grown kitsune so that is yet to be her final appearance
Tools and weapons: Has a prefference for Crossbows, Katanas and Claymores
Personality: is EXTREMELY shy and quiet, barely saying much or fact she is so shy and quiet that everyone wonders if she shows any other traits typical for a Kitsune, like playfullness or mischiviousness. She is quite innocent overall
Abilities: Powers over both Ice and Soul magic, Kitsune abilities.
Height: 4 f
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 3 180
Magical Pokemon Cookies!
A commercial catches your eye as it appears on your tv. You see a teen with sky blue hair with a blue tuft covering his left eye, his uncovered eye being a light blue as he's wearing a jacket, shirt, jeans and such. He smiles and waves hello before saying "HI THERE! Are you tired of being a boring old human? Want to switch up your life?!? YES?! THEN INTRODUCING!" The camera then jump cuts to a whole myriad of cookies that look like pokemon and have sparkles on them and look really delicious "MAGICAL POKEMON COOKIES!" Children cheering can be heard as the Teen reappears once more
"These cookies are made using love, care, high quality dough and MAGIC! Unlike regular cookies that are shaped like pokemon..." He takes a cookie, more specifically a lucario cookie and eats it and you watch as he grows very soft silky looking furball over his body and his body gently shifts to the cookie he just ate, and he gains paws and spikes on his handpaws as well as on his chest, his head changing to a l
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 2 215
Shattered Fates: Athena
Name: Athena Thurkearmarinxar
Age: "uh thats complicated...Dragon Years or Human?"
Gender: Female
Species: Nightfury capable of taking a human disguise
Alignment: "WE FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR RIGHT TO ENJOY FOOD AND NOT BE ENSLAVED BY SHOES!" Uhhhhhh Chaotic Neutral? Yeah shes crazy...Chaotic Neutrual
Role in Battle: Rioter/Offense
Universe: Truthverse/Faded Edge
Outfit: When disguised as a human, Athena wears a trenchcoat, pants, a tanktop beneath the trenchcoat, pants, no shoes, a necklace with a kawaii cat head on it and sunglasses. When in her dragon form, she wears nothing...shes a dragon when in that form
Skin/Fur: in Human form, she has white skin. In her Dragon form she has Black Scales
Hair: In human form she has pink hair. In her Dragon form she has none!
Eyes: regardless of Form she has Nightfury eyes
Other Appearances: Her bust size is E
Tools and Weapons: Guns and her wrist blades.
Personality: Athena is goofy and derpy and a bit of a ditz, she can be smart when she is calm...
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 199
Shattered Fates: Jet Deckard
Name: Jet (Real name is Ty Deckard)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Latios
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Role in Battle: Tactitian/ Offense
Universe: Truthverse
Outfit: he wears a Syndicate Battlecoat, which is a trenchcoat of sorts, a tactical vest, black cargo pants and combat boots as well as underneath the vest a thermal shirt. He also wears eyeglasses whoch seem to act like a Tactical Visor, complete with Night Vision, Thermal Vision and other modes
Skin/Fur: Typical Latios colors, and theyre more like feathers
Hair: Messy blond hair
Eyes: Red slits
Other Appearances: nothing of note
Tools and Weapons: High Tech phone capable of calling down syndicate squads and fire support, revolvers, shotguns, explosive weapons and smgs are his main tools...
Personality: Jet is a goof and charismatic yet he is capable of being ruthless and merciless to his opponents...yet to those who befriend him he is nice.
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Weight: 175 pounds
Bio: The brother of END!Awe, Awe always wa
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 123
Shattered Fates: Leo Scaletta
Name: Leo Scaletta/ Overwatch!Awe
Age: he's in his late 20s to early 30s
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Golden Dragon(Was formerly human)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Role in Battle: Offense/Tank/Support
Universe: Overwatch
Outfit: Leo wears a Armored Overwatch Jacket and an armored vest made of steel designed by Torbjorn and Winston for him. Leo also wears some armored pants. The vest and javket does have areas for Leo's wings as does his pants, which has a place for his tail
Skin/Fur: Golden Scales, both colored a golden yellowed as well as lighter white gold some areas "I gotten used to them............i suppose"
Hair: "its more of a mane thing for Dragons...a really messy wider one...." White gold hair with a brilliant sapphire blue tuft near the left eye
Eyes: Sky blue Slits
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 300 Pounds, hes thin as hell though.
Other appearance: horns peaking out of his mane/hair and also a golden tail along with golden draconic wings
Personality: Years ago, Leo could be conside
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 144
Shattered Fates: Sean
Name: Sean
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Umbreon
Alignment: LAwful Neutrual
Role in Battle: Support/Defense
Universe: PoGverse
Outfit: Wears a Jacket, T-Shirt, pants and a moon crescent necklace
Skin/fur: Black fur with silver rings that glow in the night on his fur
Hair: "I HAVE FUR!"
Eyes: Red Umbreon Eyes
Other Appearance: Silver Tuft xD
Tools and weapons: Prefer using Katanas
Personality: Sean can be seen as the exact opposite of Shea for the most parts. Sean is very confident and intelligence, preferring to rely on his intellect and such. Sean is as loyal and kind to his friends as his sister. Sean also for the most part can remain a cool head, although he can be quite sarcastic and condascending at times.
Abilities: Lunar MAgic, Umbreon Abilities
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Weight: 150 pounds
Bio: Sean is the twin of Shea, so most of the story for Shea can also apply to her brother too. However, While Shea was cursed with her father's demonic abilities, Sean was lucky enough,
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 72
LoK: Crystal
Name: Crystal
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Class: Swordswoman
Race: Human
Personality: Crystal is seen as very mysterious and often has a somewhat bad vibe around her. Often very mysterious and a bit flirty she is seen often accompanying Alice...regardless she is especially merciless to her opponents, reveling in killing the brutally. To those who know her she is seen as cryptic yet kind to those who gain her trust, however she seems to have some reluctance about her around with Alice, as if shes hiding something...nevertheless she is an invaluable ally to those she cares about
How do you serve Kingdom?: Retainer to Alice
Bio: Little is known as Crystal and any attempts to get information about her from her has completely and utterly failed as she would either refuse or lie. All that is known is that on the night of Alice's birth, Crystal mysteriously appeared in Solrus... Upon being apprehended by The guards, Crystal was brought to Queen Talla. Upon being asked why was she was here,
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 52
Karis: Alice
Name: Alice
Age: 16
Race: Human?
Royalty Method: Born In
Class: Spellslinger
Personality: Alice is seen as a kind if not mischievous girl... to her friends Alice is playful, kind and somewhat mischievous...if it wasnt for her race you could say she has the perfect aspects to be a kitsune. To her enemies though Alice is merciless and extremely deadly, fighting them with a steel focus and iron resolve, killing them quickly if possible but for those who hurt her friends, slowly and painfully.
Bio: Born to queen Talla, Alice is of royalty, although Alice have been born with a unknown and mysterious curse which has not manifested itself yet. Alice never knew her father and any attempts to prod her mother or her retainers Crystal(Who mysteriously appeared the day Alice was born and became her retainer, though when questioned, claims she's always been a part of Solrus) and Virgo(An old friend of queen Talla who became Alice's retainer wary about Alice, the aspects about her, Crystal and espec
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 1 74
Shattered Fates: Shea
Name: Shea
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Half Demon Lucario Girl
Alignment: Chaotic Good/ Chaotic Neutral 
Role in Battle: Offense/Tank
Universe: PoGVerse
Outfit: Jacket, Tank Top, Sweat Pants
Skin/fur: Has black and dark grey fur
Hair: Is long but has a Red Tuft at the left eye
Eyes: is blue like her fathers but slowly goes from indigo to purple to magenta when angered, red being enraged and when she goes demon on your ass
Other Appearance: eyes change color, bust E, if demon gains bat wings, claws and her fur is black and red.
Tools and weapons: any gun she can get her hands on though she prefers automatics like her MP5 and her twin Tarus Judges with long barrels that are loaded with shotgun shells
Personality: She is not very confident in herself but like her father, she is loyal to her friends...she is quite meek and shy but if you get to know her she is nice too. In her demon form she is pretty much a chaotic maniacal doggo who is crazed and will attack any thing in sight.
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 166
Shattered Fates: Miles Stormrider
Name: Miles Stormrider/ SS!Awe
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Leiathan Dragon with some foxlike traits including two tails
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Role in Battle: Tank/Offense
Universe: Spirit Successors
Outfit: Doesnt really wear anything in his default form yet when disguised as a human he Wears all black... He wears a jacket with a hood that has two fox ears on it and a black t-shirt underneath. The jacket does possibly contain real fox fur on it. He also wears gloves that have claw like designs for the fingers. His pants are also black and lined with scale like material and possibly real fox fur. They also have an extension for two fake fox dragon like tails. The pants also have pockets where Awe stores things. The shoes are finally modelled after dragon claws and you guessed it, all black.
Skin/fur: In human form he has white skin, in his default form he has black fur and black scales
Hair: Regardless its black
Eyes: blue slits dragon, brown eyes not
Other Appearance: Obliga
:iconawestriker007:Awestriker007 0 58


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by TooDamnFilthy

As you can see...we see a homophobe in his natural habitat... When threatened by reality... He will freyqnetly hell and act immature......


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    Protectors HQ, Protectorsverse, Present Day

As the night slowly emerged from the dead rotting necrotic body of the day, the old world, the world Me and my friends knew and were born in died along with it... The night bringing the new world... The new world filled with the dead still walking the earth, caught in a void between life and death... Only existing to eat the flesh and organs of the living souls left on the earth. That is... The Earth that ended up under alien occupation from a alien Imperialistic Empire who only seen us humans as savages with inferior technology... An species that can easily conquered and that could be experimented on to the alien scientist's heart's content. The military and government, wanting to be spared from their fate, even assisted in some of the Alien Empire's projects... Which mind you were mostly just human experimentation. Nethertheless... Well... Either me or my wife Yang will go into the human-alien joint projects another day. Point is....Shit was fucked, Old world is dead, New World emerging and sitting on the fucked up throne that the Old world inhabited before.

Anyways, me and my friends... after we armed up... you could say we took a level in badass. We were, albeit a bunch of scared, determined bunch of teens... with a mission in our hearts and minds: Get my brother, head to the rendevouz spot and SURVIVE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! If a horde of Zombies/Walkers/Romeros/Infected/Brain-Eaters/Fleshbags/Them, WHATEVER YOU CALLED THEM stood in our way...we'd gun them down into nothing more than chunky salsa, guts and blood on the floors, walls and ceilings! If an alien squad capturing humans stood in our way, thinking they're high and mighty and their technology will make conquering us easy as hell...we'd blow them apart and escape their grasp. Half Human Half Animal Hybrids standing in our way, feral and insane beyond belief and seeing us as enemies? SMASH SMASH SMASH we'd, or I'd go Tai the Hitchhiker on their ass. Hell, if human survivors stood in our way or tried to take our stronghold....well we'd fight them and kill them. However...fate did not intend me and Yang to rendevouz with my parents...instead...during our last stand against a horde, having sacrificed our lives so that the rest of our group that wasnt eaten or turned into flesh-eaters could escape... instead we were rescued by a sadistic man, a Commander of sorts...and abducted into a hell that would lead to our lives being changed forever.

    Near Elkswood Elementary School. Elkswood, New Jersey. ERverse. April 19th, 2015...Z+AI Day

"It's starting to get dont think they get stronger at night?" Scottie asked out loud, sounding quite worried by his tone as we all saw my little bro's school approaching...shadows gathering around the school. "The fuck do you mean Scottie? Stop bitching and fucking worrying about if the dead get stronger at night or not...we're fucking loaded for fucking bear!" Jonah screamed at Scottie, keeping his Uzi in his hands. "That doesn't change the fact that we have limited ammo dude...I mean we got plenty but if we burn through it...we could be more fucked then a fatass in a zombie horde" Eric said, looking at Jonah. "Still...we got the guns and we got the bombs!" Eddie screamed. I meanwhile was focused on making a plan in my head, Grimm, who was next to me, probably making a plan too...or looking bored...I wasnt really paying attention to her cute looking face...Well I was yet not to the emotion and such... As we pulled in into the parking school of the elementary school, we saw there was a School Bus left... however everywhere we saw dead zombies and boy scouts from Elkswood's Boy scout Troops. "huh...they must've died trying to secure this area...I hope my brother is in there...and if so...he's okay...Blackjack, make sure the car remainssecure" I said, my dog looking up from where he was sleeping and woofing in responce, me and the others getting out as Mark stopped the Humvee, my friends and Grimm following me behind, everyone grabbing their gear...including me of course!

After we all got out of the Humvee, Blackjack of course staying in the Humvee, we saw three boy scouts, a fat one with a crossbow, one with freckles and a axe and a tall one with a hunting rifle guarding a school bus. When they saw us, they waved rather friendly towards us. Confused, me and my group walked over, waving back and the one with the crossbow, which was short and fat, said "Who are you guys, and why are you here?" After some introductions from my group and such... the scouts nodded and the leader of the trio, least to which me, Grimm, Scottie, Eric, Landon, Jonah, Eddie and Mark could presume, asked us "okay...that's who y'all why in the BLOODY FUCK ARE YOU FUCKING GUYS HERE?!?!??!?!" Fixing my glasses, as they were crooked, and clicking Midnight's safety off as I take it out, along my new Tomahawk and I looked the leader of the scout trio right in the eyes and said "I'm going in that building, killing any freaks that get in my way, and rescue my brother....then I'm taking him far away from this fucking town and head up north with my friends." The Leader Scout, snorted to himself before fixing the scope of his hunting rifle and, staring me right back in the eyes. "Most of My Friends went in there and I havent heard from them since! My guess is that there's a fucking horde in there, probably made of the parents who went to get their children, only to get bit and then as they became one of Them, decided that their children were delicious morsels and eat them, comsuming their flesh and brains and spreading their fucking disease! YOUR BROTHER PROBABLY IS ABOUT TO OR WAS EATEN ALIVE, WHAT MAKES YOU FUCKING THINK YOU CAN HEAD IN THERE, HUH?!?!?"

I sighed and replied "Me and my group are heavily armed and ready to kick ass...and if there's a fucking horde in the way of our goal, then we burn through them." My friends nodded in responce, readying their weapons, and I just continue "Yeah I know the world is going to fucking shit, what with the undead roaming about, killing and then eating people and then those killed by the undead rising up and doing the exact same thing, I know there's people probably deciding to act like psychopaths, now given the opportunity to unleash their inner sadist that they kept barely repressed within them all these years when society was running. And Yes I am fucking aware of the alien invaders who came here definitely not for fucking benevolent reasons, as are my friends. Im also pretty fucking sure CNN has at this point went off the air, having played their Doomsday video and got the fuck out of there, heading to safety, getting their families, whatever. Hell... this afternoon I killed my zombified classmates and undead principal and shot a Survivalist right in the fucking shoulder and left him to die, having looted his camp for our fancy new toys... I am definitely aware too that this aint no video game, aint no movie, aint no anime and definitely no D&D game... I know heroism might get me and my group killed, as now this world is more like Call of Cthulhu!" The Leader Scout tried to interrupt me but I shot him a glare and continued "I didn't say I was fucking finished with my speech/rant so hold your fucking tits, dipshit. I know heroism might get me and my group killed... But I don't fucking give a shit, you know why? Because my Brother is in there, and I promised my mother, who can handle herself yet I dont know if Ill ever see again, Ill take care of my brother! And if I rescue a few others, fine by me! My question to you is where the fuck is your Scout's honor, huh?!? You and your friends just rather just sit there then rescue any innocents that might be trapped there... Isnt a Scout supposed to help others? Now me and a couple members from my group are going in there... And the rest will stay out here and guard the Humvee... You guys can come along or sit on your asses if you like. I dont care... Good day Sir" I finished and looked at them as the scouts looked at each other, the Leader scout saying "We're coming in with you and whoever goes in... Help you get your brother and we'll take any other survivors to safety..."

I just nodded, saying okay and looked at my group, saying "Alright... Grimm, Landon and Jonah you guys are coming with... Eric, Mark, Scottie and Eddie,keep our vehicle secure...also keep the bus secure for the Scouts... Me and the others will be out soon..." Eric nodded and asked "Alright...good luck Awe... You too Landon, Grimm and Jonah." The four of us nodded and we readied our weapons, and together, with the scouts, we headed into the building. Upon entering we saw the place was quite dark...flickering lights and moans echoing through the halls... There was also dirt on the floor, scattered papers and blood on the walls and floor. "Damn... You sure your brother is alive in here, Awe?" Grimm asked me, to which I nodded and readied my Tomahawk and Midnight, heading through the halls "Yeah, Most likely he'll be in either the music room, auditorium, or cafeteria...probably with his class..." I replied, as one of the zombies saw me, and I swung my Tomahawk right into his head, hearing the axe head come into the zombies head with a SMACK! And I pulled it out as the zombie fell over dead. As I cut my way though the school, stepping over guts and gore of I hoped was not the students here.... eventually I got to the auditorium, and saw the doors were open. Curious, me and my friends,along with the scouts, looked in and saw a fucking horde trying to get onto the stage... There were a lot of those freaks., and I saw the barricade of desks and chairs couldnt hold much longer. I saw the kids there were scared, all screaming and crying saying they wanted their mommies and wanted to go home. I saw my brother's terrified face amongst the group of little kids, the teachers there backing up to the kids, preparing for the end. "How the fuck are we going to get to them?" Jonah asked as Grimm looked at the kids, Landon readying his bow. I put away Midnight and my Tomahawk and took out my Saiga 12K and aimed it at the ceiling above the horde's head and I replied back "Like this"

And I pulled the trigger, the muzzle flashing with light and the sound of the shotgun being fired echoing in the room. The horde stopped at this point and looked at where the noise was coming from, and saw me. I just put my middle finger up and screamed "HEY FLESHBAGS! Come and get it!" A cacophony of moans, yells and possibly roars erupted as the horde stumbled towards me, my group and the scouts. "WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?" The Fat scout screamed at me as I just readied my Saiga 12K and smirked at the horde approaching us and I just replied "Nope...I just have the firepower to do this!" Once the first few zombies were getting close enough for their mouths to stretch open... their jaw flesh beginning to stretch and rip...I aimed at their heads and pulled the trigger as I heard the shotgun's satisfying firing noise and the zombies in front of me were blown back, their heads being blown apart and some of their arms flying away...the zombies in the back of the now dead zombies covered in even more blood and brain matter. I started firing at the Zombies after that, Landon, Jonah, Grimm and the Scouts joining in the carnage.

"WOOOO GET SOME YOU DISGUSTING ZOMBIE MAGGOTSACKS!!!" I screamed and laughed maniacally as I continued firing at pockets of zombies, reducing to ludicrous gibs consisting of entrails, organs, flesh, muscle, bone, brains, eyes and of course BLOOOD! Until eventually I heard a click as I realized I was out of ammo and the zombie right in front of me lunged at me. I was slammed against the wall, grunting from the impact as I put my Saiga between the zombies neck and my neck, using that to prevent the zombie from biting me, a few zombies near me shambling as fast as their rotting boney legs could take me. "FUCK YOU YOU ARE NOT EATING ME!" I screamed as I kicked the zombie in the stomach, the zombie staggering back as I quickly slung my Saiga over my shoulder and took out Midnight and blowing its brains clean out. As I moved away, I saw one that was close to me right before an arrow flew into the side of it's head, killing it instantly. Looking at where the arrow flew from, getting away from the other zombie close to me and taking out my tomahawk right before slamming the blade into the zombie's eyes at a horizontal line, killing the zombie as I kicked the zombie back to free my blade, slamming the zombie into the wall. As my friends and the scouts cleared out the rest of the zombies with some headshots and/or blowing apart the body, I saw Landon with his bow, he then gave me a thumbs up and told me "Don't worry Awe, I got your back!" I nodded and replied "Thanks! guys cover me I'm heading to the people behind the barricades!" My friends nodded and I sprinted towards the barricade, my friends shooting any zombies in my way as I jumped up, climbing over the barricade and landing on my feet.

My brother, a kid with sandy brown hair and stormy gray eyes and wearing a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, socks and a backpack, got up and ran over to me hugging me and he looked up at me crying. He then started shouting at me "Jack! I'm glad you're here! People started killing each other and eating each other and it's scary! I want to go home! I want Mommy and Daddy! I DONT WANT TO DIE AND BE EATEN!!!!!!!!" He started bawling and I shushed my brother and replied "'s okay. Me and my friends are you going to take you with us to the place where Mom and Dad will meet up with us....come on Ty, me and my friends wont let anything bad happen to you." Ty nodded through the tears as Grimm hopped the barricade, saying "Zombies are cleared out, we can get moving now...who's the kid with the runny nose hugging you?" I looked at Grimm and replied back "This is my little brother Ty... Ty this is my friend and fellow groupmate Grimm." Ty looked at Grimm and then at me before saying "She's really cute...are you two in a relationship?" Immediately the both of stammered no, blushing as red as a tomato too, and Ty just giggled and smiled at us. After calming down, I looked at the others huddled in the corners and said "The Scouts have a Bus for all of you to get on! they will take you to your families, safety, whatever! I'm just here for my brother! Me, the scouts and my group will escort you to the bus. So Get up!"everyone then got up and nodded an as we dismantled the barricade, we headed out of the auditorium.

Once out of the school, I sent Ty over to Eric and walked over to the Leader Scout, the Leader Scout looking at me and saying "thanks for getting those people out...sorry we were jerks" To which I nodded and responded "Its alright and no problem...make sure those guys get to safety" The Leader scout nodded and asked "Okay...why wont you and your group come with to where the town is staying?" "Because that place will be cluttered, my mom told me to avoid areas like that and in case a horde shows up...well...sitting ducks man" The Leader scout nodded and replied "Alright...well good luck to you guys" I nodded and said thanks as the scouts got on the bus and drove it away. I then got back to the Humvee where I saw Ty was with my dog Blackjack. Once I secured all supplies and such, me and my friends got into the Humvee and, after making sure Blackjack and Ty along with everyone else were fastened in and everything was good, Mark started the Humvee and we drove away from the school, heading onto the road and far away from the school until it became a blur and we left Elkswood. " to head to New York". Eventually after some driving, it was starting to get late and the moon was laying wide out. "I'm going to pull over guys...I'm tired and such" Mark said as Eddie said "No...we should find a gas station or somewhere to hole up for the night" "How about there" Landon said as he pointed to a rest stop, its gas pumps gleaming in the night, with Mark nodding and driving there right before stopping the car and closing his eyes to sleep for a bit. "Me and Grimm will take watch guys get some sleep" I said as I exited the car, everyone nodding as Grimm followed me, and after making sure the area was secure, we sat and lied down on the car, looking up at the stars.

"Wow What a crazy day, huh Grimm?" I asked her as we just lied there... Grimm didnt answer but took Midnight and suddenly pulled the trigger, killing a zombified gas attentendant that must've been hiding and tried sneaking up on me with one headshot before giving me back the M1911... I looked at Grimm and surprised, said "Thank you... I didnt even see that fleshbag... I owe ya one... How'd you detect it?" "My ears... Remember? They're more attuned then regular ears, even underneath my hood...though the sound is a bit more muffled underneath my hood..." Grimm responded and I nodded before saying "You know... You really shouldnt hide your ears... You should be proud of your differences" I told her as my hand went towards her Assassin's Creed hoodie's hood. Grimm stopped me before I got too close and said softly "I apprechiate what you are trying to do Awe....but your friends said it best: I'm too much of a freak with my ears and tail out..." "I dont care... You arent a freak... You're cute and sexy and beautiful, and your ears and tail... Just prove how unique you are...I think you should wear your hood off from now on.." I replied as Grimm blushed a luminescent red, before with my other hand I dehooded her, allowing her black hair to fly free and the moonlight shone off her hair and her cat ears, the ears twitching as they were finally free from her hood. Grimm let go of my hand as she stammered out "W-why... I've been chased out of every town because of my ears... Hunted by the police.... Why arent you afraid of me?" "If you havent looked around us... The world is fucking shitting itself... You arent a freak and I have more things to fear..." Grimm nodded and after a bit, asked me as I put my arm around her "So...your real name isn't Awe?" I shook my head no and replied "No, my real name is Jack MacCreedy... My friends call me Awe and I'm used to them calling me Awe... Mainly because its short for Awestriker...a name I got because of how I can strike Awe into anyone..." Grimm giggiled and replied "Oh... I thought your parents really hated you.... If you think I'll tell you my real name so easily... You're going to have try harder then that, Jack~." "Aw come on Grimm..." I groaned and Grimm just giggled before replying "But I suppose you deserve real name is Elysia Stormwind." "That sounds like a beautiful name Elysia...for a beautiful girl." I replied back... Smiling at Grimm, or rather Elysia, before I asked "Though why do I deserve it?"

Elysia just smirked and responded as she pulled me close and said right in my ear "Because I'm falling for you, Jack 'Awestriker' MacCreedy I love you" I blushed heavily and stammered out "I'm falling for you too Elysia 'Grimm' Stormwind.... I love you too." We didnt notice Landon turn on the radio, putting on David Bowie's Starman... Nor did we care... That actually added to our first kiss to be honest. And as the first guitar chords of David motherfucking Bowie's epic song played around us... My mouth met hers...and the world just melted away into a starry galaxy as I kissed her passionately... Her breath feeling warm on my lips and my eyes closed in bliss... I think our tounges even They definitely did. It then hit me like a brick wall: During the apocalypse... I just got my first kiss. The world was finishing kickstarting the fucking endtimes that surpassed bibibical proportions, and I just got the girl... And I didnt give a fuck... I just kept making out with Elysia/Grimm... I smiled and I presume she did as we kept making out on the car. I presume we were about to fuck on the car when a voice interrupted our pleasant makeout "What the fuck are you two jackasses doing?!?" Me and Elysia stopped and saw Landon and Jonah staring at us, looking wide eyed at what we were doing. Landon continued where Jonah left off "Awe...Grimm... Why are you two making out on the car and Grimm why is your hood off?" Straightening my glasses and trying to calm down, I asked "Why are you two outside... Also uh...we we were making out because we love each other?" "One... We didnt know you had a thing for each other, but anythings possible now... But its our turn to keep watch lovebirds..." Me and Grimm nodded and Grimm responded "Alright... By the way... I think I might keep my hood off for now on... Awe convinced me I dont need to hide my ears and tail" Before winking at me and I blushed, nodding as Jonah and Landon rolled their eyes, groaning whatever... Me and Grimm then got into the Humvee and aat down, Grimm leaning on me as she closed her eyes and I did the same... Falling asleep alomgside my new girlfriend...

....this world was a Nightmare...but I never want to wake up from it.

The next morning, I woke up and joined my friends in looting the rest stop, refueling the car and grabbing some extra gasoline, along with Grimm, whose hood was off and her tail was out... I look at her and gave her a nod with a smile and she nodded back with a smile. Mark looked at us and said "Guess we're going to have to get used to Grimm showing off her ears and you two as a thing" I nodded back and replied "Yes and yes... Why you got a problem guys?" Everyone immediately said no and I nodded back as Ty helped carry our new supplies to the car, and then looked at me and Grimm before saying "Jack's got a giiiirlfriend!" Me and Grimm then blushed beet red before I shushed my little brother with my hand and told him "Yes I shush!" Before me and the others secured our new supplies and such in the trunk, shutting the trunk afterwards, and got into the car, Mark closing the gas tank and making sure the valve was secure before getting in, starting the car and we drove away from the gas station, Grimm near me, her arm around me. After a while of driving, Eddie finally spoke up "So what's the plan for once we get there?" I looked up as Scpttie also asked "Yeah..what's the plan for when we get there?" "Well... First we clear out the area, then we barricade the windows and such, finally we put our supplies somewhere secure, and lay down the ground rules for our camp and such and wait for our parents to show up." Ty looked at me and then asked "Jack....wheres Mom and Dad?" I looked at Ty, and sighing, responded "They're coming, dont worry Ty.." Ty nodded and everyone nodded back as we kept on the road.

Eventually, after passing a small town with places to loot for supplies and such, we reached our destination: The abandoned Mining and Lumber outpost... All the equipment was starting to rust and we could see the cave leading to the now caved in mines, the minetrack and minecarts ominously still and rusting slowly and around us, we could see tree stumps slowly beginning to rot... "Man this place is fucking depressing" Eric said as he readied his RPD, Jonah responding with "I know...and kinda sad too... Place went out of buisness, and several miners and lumberjacks as well as the personell for this place lost jobs." As everyone got out of the car, I stopped Ty "Wait bro... Stay in the car... Scottie you stay with him and provide fire support with your Draguvnov... The rest of us will go in... Melee weapons only unless there's a reason to switch to guns... Keep quiet and conserve ammo after all." I told everyone and everyone nodded as they got put their melee weapons but Scottie, who readied his Draguvnov. "Any other orders Awe?" Grimm asked as I replied "Yes... Check EVERYWHERE.... We got to make sure no zombies are left... Most likely the zombies here will be homeless people and the construction crew send to demolish the area... And stay close... Dont go into areas alone..." Grimm nodded and as we headed through to the main gates, we could see the zombified homeless and some construction workers... Readying all of our melee weapons, We approached the zombies, and as they looked at us, their eyes beginning to light up at a food source, I swung first, swinging my Tomahawk upwards and slicing the living corpse up the side of its face, bringing it down and killing it as everyone else then started attacking the zombies, bringing them down with various blows to their bodies then to the head or outright to the head. As I sliced my way through them and cleared out the buildings with my friends, Eric shattering the skull of a male homeless zombie that was slowly beginning to show the very first signs of decay or mutation and bringing it down, Grimm slicing effortlessly through zombies, cutting their arms off first then their lower jaws then stabbing them, the zombies finally dying from how much damage they took, Jonah using his Machete to cut off the zombies head, Landon using his Kuruki to also cut through the zombies and Eddie smashing zombies head back with his shovel before bringing them down and Mark slashing zombies up and smashing the zombies head with the crowbar... I knew that we were now going to be set... And better yet, I'll soon reunite with my Mom and Dad...not to mention a girl who I loved very much and my friends by my side... What can go wrong?

After clearing out and cleaning up the area which would soon become our makeshift stronghold, Scottie used his nail gun and the planks around us, as there were plenty, to barricade the windows and other areas, me and the others helping and we put our Humvee near the building we deemed our supplies room and after turning on the power and such, unpacked most of our food, water, ammo and other things and put it in the supplies room... We then all met in the Meeting Room of the main building. I waited as everyone arrived, their weapons with them, Ty sitting on the floor and Blackjack lying down next to him, and as Ty played with Blackjack, I spoke up "Alright... Thank you for attending our meeting... We finally made it to and cleared out our temporary I hope, stronghold... Now the first order of business i-" "Voting you in as Leader!" Scottie interrupted as I was shocked. He then continued "It's obvious that as our friend... Well... You have been leading us to this point and we looked toward you for guidance... So it makes sense if you lead us from this point on until our parents show up and/or your parents show up. Raise your hands if everyone agrees with me". Everyone then raised their hands and Scottie nodded and said "It's decided. Awe... You are our group leader and we trust you... Continue on." I nodded and said "Alright now that that is done... We need to decide our plans for the town, this stronghold, our roles and rules for this stronghold." Everyone nodded and waited for me to speak. I then began "First... The town... Before we arrived here, we saw that there was a town here, containing plenty of supplies I hope. Whenever we need supplies, I and a few others will head into town and scavage for supplies such as food, water, ammo and other things. There was a gun store, sporting goods department, pharmacy and supermarket here if I remember, so those are key locations in the town and we will check those during supply runs. Next up is our stronghold... It will just be us and our parents when they arrive... No one else. We look after our own...and we sure as hell aren't taking in anyone else that we aren't looking for. We also meed to make sure to ration our supplies accordingly... Our Medicine and medical supplies aren't much or plentiful...but they should be enough for all of us and last quite a while if we dont waste them. While we got plentiful food and water...again we got to make sure to ration accordingly. The third thing to talk to you all about is our roles in the stronghold. I am, as you all stated earlier, your leader... Grimm will be my second in command. Eric and Scottie will serve as our guards and support... As Eric and Scottie's RPD and Draguvnov SVD respectively can help when guarding the stronghold and providing either a way to pick off our enemies with precision in Scottie's case and Providing Covering fire in Eric's case. Mark is our driver for the Humvee when we travel farther then the town and/or in case we need more room to carry stuff. Landon is our hunter and our scout and finally, Eddie and Jonah are our supply Run guys. Any questions so far?" I stopped to take a breather and I waited for everyone to digest the information and everyone nodded after a while. I then continued "Finally... The rules. Everyone listen up...Ty pay attention." Ty looked at me as I then spoke once more "Here are the rules: Rule number one... We keep our weapons with us at all times... We are to remain armed and ready at all times, that way if something comes up and we need to defend ourselves, we can be ready. Rule number two... We go nowhere without telling each other. That way we all know where we are going and how long we will possibly be gone. Rule number Three... We look after each other and we take turns for watch when it is time to go to sleep... We are a group and we currently only have each other and by taking turns for watch, everyone gets enough sleep... And if anyone is sleeping on watch, you don't get to eat. Rule number four, No stealing supplies or wasting supplies... You eat when it is time and you don't get any extra food and unless your wounds are deemed serious enough and/or you are actually sick enough to merit medication and use of the medical supplies... Suck it up. If you are caught using the medical supplies or stealing extra food and water... There will be consequences. Rule number Five, make sure you conserve ammo... If you are going to use your guns, make sure every shot counts... No intimidation shots to scare off people, if you pull your gun out, make sure you're going to damn well use it. Also make sure to pick up empty magazines... We need those to refill... And for those who have reusable ammo, take it back once done if possible and maintain your weapons well. Rule number Six, I get the final word on everything, if I say is no. Rule number Seven, little boys are to listen to those who are older then you and they are to obey whatever they say. They must be good boys by helping whenever asked to help, not complain and not waste supplies. If they do any of those things, they will be punished. Rule number Eight: If i get infected, Grimm puts me out of my misery. Rule Number Nine and this should not have to be said... We all do our part..pure and simple. Final rule..if push comes to shove, someone needs to get Ty, Blackjack and some supplies and take the Humvee and get out of here, the rest of us eliminating any hostiles before rendezvousing to the outskirts of this hick town. Any questions?" Everyone shook their heads no and I nodded and said "then it is decided. These are our rules. Now... Dismissed!" Everyone nodded and went to do their roles as I checked the magazine for Midnight, reloading it when I saw it was empty and reloading my Saiga 12K.

A couple hours later, something weird occurred and Jonah called all of us to the radio, saying "Guys! I heard something weird! there's a radio signal....its playing music..." "Really now" I asked as Jonah nodded and tuned the radio as it went from blaring static to a pristine signal that was just playing Into Sandy's City. "So it's just playing a" Grimm asked, folding her arms as Landon replied "A really kickass song I may add" right before the song started cutting out and a voice came onto the radio "Well hello there survivors of the Alien Invasion and Zombie Apocalypse" All of us were shocked as the voice continued "So...if you found this're probably wondering what this signal is and who I am...well I will tell ya. I am Citizen One, the Voice of Reason for the Wasteland broadcasting from a secure area with my team and your source of truth and news no matter how bad it hurts, tips and tricks on how to survive this new world intact and warnings on weather, alien movements and zombie hordes. First I'll tell you all the warning tones for the warnings. Now if you guys hear The American Emergency Alert System Signal, that means I'll be warning you all about any severe weather warnings ranging from hurricanes to blizzards to floods, the list goes on. For the undead, I will use the Standard Emergency Warning Signal, which is used by the Australlian Government for their Emergency Broadcasts. Finally for Alien Movements, I will be using an Air Raid Siren because well...they come out of the skies outta nowhere after all. If there are tones after another, it means theres multiple things about to go down. Now that I went over the signals and tones and such, its to get RIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTT INTO THE NEWS! We are currently in the first whole day of the is currently unknown about what started the Zombie Outbreak but there are plenty of theories floating about according to my sources...the theories range from The Second coming of Jesus Christ to Hell having No more room left in hell to even a minority causing the outbreak....currently everyone is getting out their racist and sexist superstitions as well as the Conspiracy Theorists are going nuts too. My theory is has to be a virus of sorts...maybe manmade, maybe based off of current viruses like Ebola or Rabies...I don't know. As for the Alien Invasion, I have no fucking clue why they are here and no one else to be honest...They arent friendly that's for sure....Anyways, most evacuation shelters, if not all of them, have been overrun by the undead and those suckers that were there have now either been torn apart and devoured and/or now a part of the ever growing zombie hordes...and believe me when I say that the footage from the cameras of the Evacuation Shelters is beyond gruesome...I'm talking children screaming and crying for their mothers screaming or being devoured right in front of them as they're torn from their parents and ripped apart by those ghouls or zombified parents, babies eaten like pastries by their zombified mothers or any other zombie and survivors making desperate last stands as they're cornered and then ripped apart....utterly horrific make matters worse, this is a perfect indicator of the world we are in now. I'm not sugarcoating it...not because there's not enough sugar in the world to coat this shit, but because this is the truth sadly. Listen to me...the undead, they aren't fucking human anymore...once somebody becomes one of Them, they arent your friend, your family, your neighbor, your loved one, no...they are an inhuman creature that only exist to spread its pungent disease and consume any flesh it finds and those things wearing their faces deserve to be shot dead as quickly as possible for their sake and yours! Nowhere is truly safe folks, but for those who fled towards may be safe for now, but any folks currently alive and want to head there, do not bother.... the Canadian Royal Forces, Mounties and Canadian Army have been ordered to shoot anyone, human or not on's probably to prevent the further spread of the virus...all around the world, there's infected and the governments are currently in shambles and from what I heard, North Korea has attempted to take over South Korea and both those countries are probably destroyed from fighting as well as the infection. Finally...we've been getting disturbing reports of escaped alien abductees...they're no longer human...I'm not talking zombie, no....You know those Furries, Scalies and Featheries that want to be Anthromorphic Animals or whatever? Well....the people that escaped the aliens either through luck or something else....they're now half human and half animal hybrids....some creatures are recognizable, but others.....not so much......for anyone unlucky enough to become a hybrid like that....I wish you good luck in surviving. Folks, if you see a hybrid like that...Don't shoot them...they had enough shit for several lifetimes given to them without some trigger happy asshat shooting them...unless they're acting feral or something which in that case...put them down. The World is now shit...but me and my team...we'll be here to try and make the world a bit easier to survive via this radio station. Now I need to sign off for now but this radio station will remain on the air playing music until another broadcast so stay tuned folks... now, this is Citizen One and I say goodbye, good luck surviving, stay alert and stay safe." Citizen One then signed off as music resumed and my friends looked at each other, not knowing what to say...Hybrids....Borders being closed off and enforced by bullets....children being consumed like snacks...the last two were to be expected but Hybrids...we all nodded towards each other not knowing what to say or think but we knew one thing, least thanks to this Citizen One guy, this world would be easier to survive in hopefully.

However, a few days later...things began to go wrong...horribly wrong. After a couple of days...I decided to go on a scavenging run for supplies to help us out as I wanted to be sure we had more than enough food, water and ammo. Grabbing Eddie, Jonah and Grimm, grabbing our bags and telling the rest of the group where we were going, Eric following behind us in the Humvee, The five of us headed straight into town, my Saiga-12K out and fully loaded, Midnight at my side and fully loaded, Tomahawk ready in its sheath at my waist and AK47 on my back too. Grimm had her Nagant 1895 and Katana with her, Eddie had his PPsh-41 in his hands and his shovel at his waist and Jonah had his Uzi in his hands, his machete at his waist. Both Jonah and Eddie were taking point as me and Grimm walked forward...entering the town, we saw it completely as a ghost undead or anything...It was quite unsettling as the wind blew papers across the streets.Looking up at the skies to see some fighter jets swoop above us, we checked the Pharmacy, seeing it was mostly empty but grabbing whatever useful supplies we could find...Same for the Supermarket and Gun Store...putting them into our backpacks....As we arrived to the Sporting Goods Department store, we saw dead zombies on the ground as well as a crashed bomber with a two seater cockpit. Examining it and looking at the store, we decided to head in with caution, taking with us inside only our ammo backpacks and leaving our supply backpacks in the trunk of the Humvee and hiding the car too. Mark, with his duel MP-443 Gratchs ready and my team's guns ready, we entered the Sporting Goods Store to find that it looked like people were through there. "Jonah keep the entrance secure, Eric and Scottie check the lower floors, me and Grimm will check the upper floors" Jonah and the others nodded as me and Grimm headed up the stairs, our weapons at the ready. Checking the upper floors, me and Grimm kept our weapons at the ready as we heard Citizen One's channel playing somewhere in the store. "There's someone here..." Grimm said, her ears twitching as she kept her Revolver ready, and I kept my shotgun ready.

However, a gun cocking followed by a voice rung out from behind us, the voice saying "Turn" Me and Grimm did so and aimed our guns at who found us only to see a man, light brown hair and steel gray eyes with scrubble on his face in a dirty Air Force Uniform and a olive green beret on his head, his M16A2 with an ACOG scope and Grenade Launcher in his hands and aimed at us. He glared at our weapons and said "Put down your weapons and kick them away or I will kill you." I didn't do what he said and so did Grimm, instead cocking our guns and I just said "Fuck who the fuck are you?" The Guy looked at me and replied "You two got a fucking deathwish?" "You going to shoot two kids and their friends for trying to find supplies so their group which includes a little kid and a dog doesn't fucking die?" I asked as the guy seemed to falter before aiming his gun again, asking me and Grimm once more "How do I know you aren't lying and you kids aren't bandits...because the Citizen One guy told us through his radio station that bandits are out there and some will do anything to trick people to let their guard down...." "If we were bandits...we would've shot you already, no?" Grimm replied and the guy nodded before saying "Fair enough point,...besides I still have enough of a conscious to not shoot a bunch of kids over paranoia". He then lowered his weapon and so did we, the guy keeping his gun out as he asked "What're your names?" "My name is Jack MacCreedy but my friends call me Awe, the Girl with the cat ears headband and Cat Tail Pants next to me is Grimm. The guys downstairs is Jonah, Eddie and Mark" The guy nodded and replied saying "I'm Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Smith and I'm surprised you haven't noticed yet but the girl aiming her sniper rifle at you guys with her red dot sight is Technical Sergeant Emma McCallister." Looking behind us we saw a female behind the counter in a dirty air force uniform, with blonde hair tied up as well as what seemed blue-gray eyes aiming a Mk.14 Mod 0 EBR with a red dot sight on it aimed at us, but lowering it upon seeing we were friendly. Mark, Eddie and Jonah came up, and after some introductions, we all walked with Lt. Colonel Smith into the area where the radio was, except for Jonah, who went out to watch the main entrance along with the Lt. Colonel. "So kiddos...whats your story?" Emma asked the four of us. "Well...we escaped our school, armed up and got supplies and headed here and now currently waiting for my parents so we can make additional plans, you and your friend?" I responded, giving the short answer. Emma nodded and sighed before explaining " and Jeremy, we were in a a squadron consisting of three bombers and nine fighter jets, and our objective was to try and bomb a couple of areas that the aliens may have been using as outposts...and we got attacked... Most of the squadron got wiped out while a few and Jeremy were shot down...and our radio was fried so we couldn't call HQ....but we found this area where what we in the Army call dissenters, were staying and killed a couple of them, scaring the rest off somewhere as well as killing some Whiskey Deltas, or Zeds in non military terms, that showed up. Since then we were holed out, listening to whoever this Citizen One guy is." I nodded as I then asked "...hows the rest of the world doing?"

Emma sighed upon me asking that and told us "...its a fucking mess out there...from what I heard from command and Jeremey as well as the Citizen One guy, the government is fucked...and its everywhere but I presume you already know that. I'll tell you what Citizen One Didn't possibly say yet... The United States Military, or rather whats left is acting as the government and they are desperately trying to hold onto what territory isn't No Mans Land, Under control of the Invaders, or anything else. DC is still in Military Control last we were there, which was before the mission. Military cant move put of DC which means they are confined there, surrounded by zombies which HQ is afraid if they piss off...will overrun them. Currently its Martial Law in effect for DC, and anyone who is trying to loot, dissent, escape DC, whatever is being executed, all crimes punishment at DC is death... They are trying to keep order desperately. The President and his Cabinet have disappeared, so its currently unknown where they are... If they made it to a safe place, are dead or worse. Its fucking insanity..." I nodded and just then we all heard shouts. Grabbing our guns we peeked out to the main entrance only to see the Lt. Colonel dragging a bleeding Jonah firing his sidearm at a whole bunch of bandits who were firing back to safety, though there were a lot of bandits. Of course Grimm took out of her Nagant and I took out my AK firing upon the bandits, shooting at them as the four of us and Emma got to cover.... I fired at the bandits as Eddie shot a bandit trying to close onto him with a machete, blowing off pieces of his arms and riddling him with holes  as Eddie went to reload, Mark covering him with his duel MP443 Grachs. "WE GOT INCOMING! WATCH THE SIDE ENTRANCES! THEY MIGHT TRY TO FLANK!" I screamed as Emma shot a Bandit in the head...just then the side doors were kicked open,..while Mark managed to get out of the way, retreating to cover with his bro, Jonah tried to get up only for a Gunshot to ring out and a piece of Jonah's head, alongside his right eye to get blown out, falling to the ground and splattering the carpet with bits of skull,brain and guts and Jonah just falling shortly before the bits of flesh as Blood just dribbled from his mouth, beginning to pool around his body. 

My breath began to of my friends dead, two of my friends in trouble and my hand shaking...I began to feel anger and horror cloud my judgement...everything was starting to get had to remain calm....otherwise I'd be next and my friends would be killed....I just took a deep breath and as Smith and Emma took care of the flanking bandits... the last two bandits up front I pulled the trigger...blowing off one's arm and one's kneecaps alongside his jugular...both side...leaving him to die in agonizing pain as he bleed out and Grimm blew out one's brain right between the eyes. Once the bandits were all dead and I was sure that was all of and my friends alongside the two millitary survivors went to the dead Jonah...Tears filled my eyes as I looked at the now bloody friend that I would never get to see again....his parents assuming they were alive...would never ever get to hug. I just sighed and wrapped his jacket over his face as the Lt. Colonel looked at me, saying "I'm...I'm sorry for your loss..." He took off his cap to mourn with me as I just sighed, reloading and taking any useable ammo from Jonah and the now dead Bandits with my friends... not even saying a word to the Bomber Pilot. After looting the corpses... I just sighed sitting against the wall....before we heard a voice ring out. " humans seemed to do well fighting against each other". I looked around glaring and aiming my AK as the others aimed their weapons at whoever said that "WHOSE THERE!" I screamed as Emma also looked around...just then she yelled out in pain as a blade was in her abdomen...she was impaled by something.... however what was weird and really got me horrified was that it was taken out and flicked unnaturally...not like a blade would, but a tail, as Emma dropped her rifle in shock... a small red spot appearing where the bladed tail thing was now spreading, she was grabbed by the arm before being tossed out the obsevration window on the top level like nothing. Emma's former friend could only scream her name as the glass shattered and we saw her killer....

The killer wasnt even was some sort of creature with a bladed tail that then shifted back to a geleatonous mewtwolike tail.... its skin was a light green and its eyes were red...and it just smiled at all of us revealing large canines as me and my friends and Smith aimed our guns at it. the creature, wearing a strange armor and twirling a strange gun, then aimed at Smith with it and pulled the trigger, sending an energy blast straight at Smith, getting hit right in the chest,as Smith was knocked back, screaming in pain as he slammed into the wall and the smell of burning flesh and burnt clothes could be smelled from the Alien lowered his Energy Magnum thing and looked at me and my friends as it said "Pathetic really...your species are so primitive compared to mine....while i have lost most of my weapons I still have my magnum. Let's see...Adolesent Humans with Inferior Tech...should be easy enough for a superior soldier with superior tech to kill." "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?!?" I scream as the alien just aimed at me and I barely got out of the way before he pulled the trigger, saying "I'm an Alien boy...and I will end you...NOW DIE HUMAN SCUM!" he fired more as me and my group got to cover, and I fired at the alien only for the bullets to be stopped by some sort of energy shield. I looked utterly shocked as he fired back at me, and I ducked down as i felt the force of the blast hit my cover. We desperately tried shooting at the armor until eventually a shot by Grimm hit something on the Alien's armor that caused its shield to glitch out. As the Alien growled, I shot at the alien, and it flinched as the armor blocked the shots, my last shot in my magazine destroying the armor's shield generator. I went to reload as the Alien ran up the stairs retreating as my friends shot at it too. Eventually the thing dissapeared into a side room as I looked at everyone "....should we pursue it?" I asked as Mark and Eddie looked at each other reloading as Grimm said "I dont know...on one hand it hurt Smith bad but on the other hand it could follow us and hurt any of us and considering what its capable of does help both cases." I nod and say "okay so we're going after it...lets head upstairs and split up...Eddie you're with me...Grimm and Mark take the left side" Everyone nodded as we headed upstairs...splitting up, Me and Eddie heading Right as Grimm and Mark headed left. As me and Eddie headed in, We saw that the room was empty and I looked around, checking corners for where the Alien would be hiding. As I entered another room I heard Eddie shout and gun fire followed by alien noises. Turning around me I saw my friend Eddie firing at the Alien and as I fired upon it too, just then it shot Eddie in the leg causing him to scream in agonizing pain followed by a swipe and Eddie falling back as a huge slash was on his throat, from jugular to jugular as a thick red liquid poured out of his open neck gash all over his clothes and up in the air even spraying the walls. As Eddie hit the floor he was convulsing and choking on his own blood until eventually he jerked dead when the Alien put its tailblade into my friend's head and the tail jerked straight up, killing my friend.

As the tail shifted back to whatever it was, I took out my Saiga and Aimed before shooting the alien as he got hit before sending out the alien bladetail again. I barely rolled out of the way in time as it stabbed where I once was and I kicked down a nearby table to use that as cover as the alien fired its blaster at me, my cover jerking as I stayed still, occassionally popping up to shoot the Alien. It's armor held firm yet different colored blood did drip down a bit and stain the wall. Eventually the alien retreated and I followed wanting to avenge my friend. As I reloaded quickly thoughts went through my head, particularly of my dead friend. Rage coursed through me and I had to avenge Eddie, for MArk's sake, this...this was going to pay for what it did....I couldn't just rush in though. My thoughts were cut short by a energy bolt flying by my head, causing me to slam myself into a wall and drop my Saiga, followed by Grumbling in a alien tounge. I then took my opportunity and took out Midnight before shooting it several times in the arm causing it to drop its blaster before dashing into a side room to hide and reload as I heard it speak once more to me through the door "Lucky shots human....but this ends here...". Just then the door cracked a bit as the bladetail went through it causing me to fall back. As the blade tail kept breaking the door, I quickly looked for a hiding place and finding a place, I rushed there and hid there trying to make a plan as the door was completely destroyed and footsteps being heard. Taking out my Tomahawk in one hand and Midnight in the other, I peeked from my hiding spot I saw it walking about. Trying to make as little noise as possible, I snuck up on it, and I readied my tomahawk and as it turned around, I screamed and kicked it into the wall causing it to be staggered as it sent its bladetail thing towards me one final time as I quickly sidestepped and swung my tomahawk cutting the tail off and causing more blood to splurt everywhere and cover my tomahawk. Its tail jerked back as the Alien screamed in pain and I took this opportunity aiming Midnight and pulled the trigger shooting it in the head as the Alien slammed back due to the shot in its head and slumped back against the wall leaving a blood trail on the wall and down its head. The Alien was dead and I just walked out of the room and picked up my Saiga before looking at Eddie's corpse, with Mark crying and Grimm looking at me. I just sighed and paid my respects as Mark took Eddie's PPsh and his ammo before Mark closed Eddie's eyes as me and Grimm comforted our friend.

Before Mark could say a word, the now empty building rung out with the Standard Emergency Warning Me, Grimm and Mark looked at each other before dashing towards where the radio was, of course Mark following behind us as we arrived at the video, Citizen One's voice then abruptly ended the Warning Signal and began speaking "THIS IS CITIZEN ONE HERE BROADCASTING ONE OF THE THREE WARNING SIGNALS DESIGNED TO WARN YOU ABOUT ANYTHING THAT IS A THREAT TO YOU, YOUR GROUP, YOUR SETTLEMENT, WHATEVER"S LIVES! IN CASE YOU MISSED MY PREVIOUS BROADCAST AND WONDER WHAT I MEAN BY THE WARNING SIGNALS BASICALLY THE ONE YOU JUST HEARD IS DESIGNED TO WARN PEOPLE ABOUT INCOMING HORDE MOVEMENTS IN AN AREA! Anyways for those who are on the eastern seaboard more specifically up north near Canada listen up! the CCTV cameras I hacked into that are still operational enough to give a picture along with my sources and other things has detected a huge zombie horde moving down southeast from Canada and after, hopefully, splitting up into smaller yet still dangerous hordes, will enter northern new york and any nearby states in about a couple of hours! While the origin of the horde is unknown, actually does it fucking matter?!?!? My theory is that all the people that came into Canada fleeing the infection must have, among the crowd heading in, have a few bitten and do the math! Anyways if you are in the area that is in the horde's path, be main or split up I reccomend getting out of there fast! Do not try to fight off the hordes, especially alone! If you have no choice, find an area and hunker down and do not make any noises to attract the hordes! If you must fight, to quickly kill the infected, shoot the head or destroy the brain or dismember the damn creatures! Good luck and stay tuned if on the eastern seaboard for any updates...oh and stay safe!" As we looked at each other, we realized we couldn't loot the store in fear of being caught in the horde's path and getting overrun. So as we headed down we heard faint moans.....they were getting close to our position. As I went over to Smith to wake him up, I saw he wasnt breathing, blood coming out of his nose, mouth and ears...staining his neck, shoulders and shirt collar a vermillion color. As I checked his pulse, I saw he was dead...taking his ammo and guns including his M16A2, checking if the grenade launcher was loaded, which it was. "...thanks for the guns Colneral" I gave him one last salute and put my Saiga 12K and the M16A2 on my back, and after taking all the grenades he had too, both Fragmentation Grenades and for the M203 helpfully on the M16A2...I took out my AK47 and headed out with my friends... Getting into the Humvee as we saw the undead approach us.

As we drove to the mining camp, Mark asked "Jack....can I have your AK47 for a minute" as he stopped the car. Confused and seeing the undead now roaming the streets and looking at us, I asked back "why?" "JUST GIVE ME THE FUCKING RIFLE AND A COUPLE MAGS MACCREEDY!" Mark snapped at me and after obligeing, Mark told me " go on without me...I'll hold them off". "WAIT WHAT?!?! ARE YOU INSANE?!?!" I screamed at Mark as he looked back at me and just told me "no...I'm buying you time... I....I cant live without my brother......IM GOING TO KILL AS MANY AS I CAN NOW GET GOING OR YOU AND YOUR GIRL WILL DIE WITH ME! This is it Jack....goodbye amigo...." As Mark took the AK in one hand and the PPsh in the other, planning on sacrificing himself, he looked back at me...tears staining his beard and in his eyes before Mark looked at a zombified Mountie about to grab and bite him and smashed the AK47 barrel against its face, sending a bit of blood towards the floor before Mark stomped on its head, killing the Mountie zombie. "GO YOU TWO! I'LL KILL AS MANY AS I CAN!!!! COME ON YOU FUCKS!!!!!" Mark screamed as he hopped onto a truck and began shooting at the hordes. I reluctantly got into the driver's seat and after closing the door, drove away as I heard Mark scream in fury and gunfire behind me as my friend sacrificed himself to help me and Elysia get away to our friends and Group. As we drove in, Scottie ran up to us and said "GUYS! You heard the Citizen One broadcast right?!!?" I nodded as Landon walked up to us and added "guys...where is Jonah, Eddie and Mark?" I sighed and after explaining what occurred to them... I said "We have to get out of here...more accurately...get Ty and Blackjack out..." "What about the rest of us?" Eric asked as he walked over as I got out of the car and sat on the hood of the car...sighing I said "as part of the rules...Eric...I want you to take Ty and Blackjack in the Humvee and get out of here...Me, Grimm, Landon and Scottie will rendevouz with you three at the backend of this town......if we dont show up by load up the car with anything you guys need...leave most of the ammo for all of us, take only a couple drum mags Eric..." Eric nodded and walked off and I looked at everyone and said "Load up the Humvee with some of the supplies.... and get my brother and dog..." As everyone did so, loading up the Humvee, I looked for my brother and my dog, eventually finding them.

They looked at me as I said "Ty....I want you to go someplace with Eric and Blackjack, is that okay?" Ty looked up and said "No...Eric wanted me to go with him and Blackjack but I'm not leaving you!" "You dont have a choice" I replied back "I DONT CARE! I DONT WANT TO LOSE YOU!" Ty screamed at me as I jumped back at Ty's yells. "Ty you wont lose me-" "HOW DO I KNOW?!? For all you know, Mom and Dad are dead! I dont want to lose you next...please come with me!" Ty interrupted, his face reddening as tears streamed down his face. I tried to reassure Ty that Me and the Others would meet up with him and Eric, but he kept screaming no. Eventually I looked away and uttered "Eric...grab him and Blackjack....get them out of here. I'll meet up with you, I promise..." Eric looked at me and nodded before grabbing my dog and my brother and dragged them away to the Humvee, my brother kicking and screaming and as Eric put my brother into the Car along with my dog, he xlosed and locked the door. I gave him the keys to the Humvee and he hugged mefore saying "Bud, be careful...alright man?" I nodded and as Eric took his weapon and put it in the passanger seat and got in the care, closing the door and driving off. I blinked away tears, and I looked up at the sky... The sun was beginning to set, and with nary a single cloud in sight, The yellow light, slowly turning golden, shone on me and I sighed before readying my guns and looking at those of my group that was left: Scottie was adjusting the zoom and clarity on his Dragunov, Landon had his bow on his back and he was cleaning his Kuriki, sharpening it to make sure it would cut through the hordes and Elysia, well...she looked at me readying her Nagant and nodded grimly at me. Silently, we went along setting traps and readying ourselves for the horde that was coming our way.

After we were done, we turned on the lights if the place to help us see as darkness creeped around us. The sound of moans could be heard in the air, being carried by the wind, the smell of rotting death accompanying it. From the entrance mostly as well as around us a bit... We cound see faintly the sickly blue light, glowing more and more as they became more alert, as well as their moans turning to screams upon seeing us standing there ready for them. As Scottie, who was on one of the roofs, aimed down the scope, his face showing a focused and determined look in his eyes, aimed at the giant zombie horde approaching from the front, Scottie then pulled the trigger, the shot echoing through the air as several zombies went down, the hordes roaring as they shambled towards us. Aiming down the sights of the M16A2, I then opened fire as did Elysia, Landon shooting arrows towards the horde as the zombies approached from us.

As we opened fire, the undead headed forward, not caring as they were shot apart. However their numbers proved to be an edge over us as whenever we reloaded the hordes got closer spreading out more to surround us, even flanking. Firing the few 40mm rounds I had from the M203 on my M16 into the hordes, I watched as flashes of light and heat erupted from the hordes, guts and gore flying as the zombies were blown apart, those who survived crawling towards us with their arms or arm screeching. Yet it seemed with every kill me, Elysia, Landon or Scottie made, another zombie would appear. "JESUS CHRIST THERES TOO FUCKING MANY!" Scottie screamed as he went for another mag firing at the zombies gathering at him as well as those near me, Landon and Elysia. Yang took out a molotov cocktail from nearby our barricade position and as she lit it, tossed it into a nearby group near a gasoline trap we made by siphoning one of the nearby machines. As the molotov exploded lighting the zombies ablaze, it light the gasonline settimg more zombies ablaze. 

The fire began to spread to nearby buildings as Yang tossed more molotovs into the hordes, and eventually, her grenades when she ran out of molotovs until she ran out of grenades too. As the smoke pillowed upwards and we were bathed in red and orange light, flaming guts and embers flew in the air, the embers landing on us and burning our clothes and skin. I did not care as I flashed back to my friends deaths.... I just screamed as I opened fire with my M16A2 on the creatures, eventually running out of ammo for the M16 in my hands as I just tossed it and took out my Saiga-12K and fired that. "THEYRE FUCKING EVERYWHERE!" Scottie screamed as he went onto his last mag of Draguvnov bullets. "LOOK OUT!" Scottie added as he shot a zombie near Elysia, who nodded. Despite the zombies falling down in large numbers, there was still plenty, and the blaze, while helping, was now starting to get out of control. As the zombies fell either through gunfire or arrows, our melee weapons or the fires, the flames gave the undead a sinsister look, and those on fire began to look more nightmarish as they shambled forwards, their flesh burning away exposing their skulls as their eyeballs melted. Not that they cared, as they kept going towards us until they got blown apart or fell to the blaze.

A scream erupted as I looked at the source and saw Landon screaming in pain as he got grabbed by a burning zombie, the heat burning him. Landon kicked the zombie off as more grabbed at him, Landon screaming in pain as he pushed them back and they fell dead. As Landon took out his Kuriki and slashed at the zombies, his burns causing pain, I could see Landon getting surrounded by the undead. I aimed and fired at the zombies but it was to no avail as Landon screamed "I AM NOT DYING HERE!" frantically slashing until he made an opening. He went to run but he got grabbed and pulled back, his arm outstretched and I went to grab it but I was too late as I saw Landon get pulled back into the horde, his screams of horror echoing as his screams changed to gurgles as he was eaten. "LANDON!" I screamed as Grimm pulled me back screaming "WE GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE!" I looked at her then around us, zombies everywhere though definitely not as many as before... Not enough for a certain escape it seemed. Scottie now out of ammo landed next to us as I fired the last of my current mag killing small clumps of zombies around us, reloading in the process. The flames now around us, Scottie aimed his P-96 at the infected, Grimm readying her Katana as I swapped to Midnight.

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Yin and Yang's Memoir: The Panic Part II
Scottie looked at us before looking away and he spoke "Go. Find a way out" "what?" I asked comfused as Scottie shot a zombie nearby us alongside any stragglers that were from the fromt, the rear of us now more dangerous as Scottie screamed "JUST GO! We all arent going to make it if you stay here...But you two possibly can if you guys go..." I looked at Scottie as Grimm slashed several zombies nearby, taking their heads clean off. Shooting a zombie nearby too, I shouted "NO! I refuse to let any more of my friends die!" "....dude....This is my choice. It's been an honor fighting by you Jack." Scottie then saluted before readying a bowie knife and dashed into the horde, slashing and shooting. I only tearfully nodded before rushing off towards the mine and sawmill offices, as the concrete and metal building would offer us protection. Me and Yang, cutting our way through zombies with our melee weapons and shooting the rest with Midnight and the Nagant respectively, before entering in, and heading upstairs into another cubicle area, barricaded ourselves in before checking for any zombies, thankful that there wasnt any. We then collasped against the wall tired after checking each other for bites, before we both teared up and cried on each other, scared that we wouldnt make it out as well as in grief for our fallen friends. As the moonlight from the windows bathed the room in silver light, rain beginning to fall from the skies, we both fell asleep, the doors barricaded and locked, ensuring that no zombies would disturb our restless slumber.

Eventually we heard a banging noise as we woke up aiming our guns, followed by a gruff voice asking "Hey anyone in here?" Getting up, I asked "Yeah...who are you?!" Cocking Midnight just in case. "I'm a soldier with the US Millitary...we saw the blaze and survivors.... The commander was interested considering how many zombies we saw dead here especially with so few survivors..." Suspicious but against my better judgement, as I was tired still, i unbarricated the door and unlocked the door, opening it showing a fully armored soldier in black special operations gear, wielding an MP5SD and a gas mask on. " two are a bunch of kids. Anyways come with me" he said before walking down the hall. Me and Grimm, grabbing our stuff, followed the guy out the building, seeing that the horde was mopped up as we saw a bunch of soldiers dressed just like the soldier there... Scottie's body was nowhere to be seen, so I wondered if he was still alive. However there was a man in an overcoat with brow  hair standing in the center. Turning around to look at us, we saw he was grinning, lookimg at me and Grimm, his square purple and red sunglasses dripping with the rain. He spoke "Greetings children... I am Commander Flare of the United States military. I see you and a few others, who are sadly dead, held off a giant horde by yourselves. Tell me...where are the adults?"

Giving a salute to Flare, I said "Sir... I am Jack MacCreedy and this is Elysia Stormwind. As for the adults it is just us...well me and Elysia." Flare nodded and replied " you two kids are quite...crafty. Very interesting~. And you two, children no less...managed to survive this've caught my interest" he smiled creepily as he examined us, continuing "Yes, very much so...good shape...well armed, with the knowledge on how to use the guns as well as using the enviorment to your advantage. MacCreedy...I have heard about your parents... One served his country with efficency not yet seen, and did damn good at honorable soldier he is...Blackwater is lucky to have him. As for your mother, a proud state trooper who have kept the peace in New Jersey... I see they made a son they can take pride in, as you shared their resourcefulness. Yes, you two will do nicely" Confused, Elsyia asked "What are you talking about?" Flare's chesire smile twisted into a frown as he growled "Several days ago, two traitors ran away from what they...volenteered for. As a matter of fact, what they volenteered for, was a project to evolve humanity for this new create a new evolution for humanity! A project I was working on with...some extrateresstrial help. But seeing you two and what you have will do quite nicely with some, you two shall become the first of a new breed of superhumans capable of power beyond your wildest dreams. You two shall become GODS!" He grinned at us.

My eyes widened as the info he just said sunk in...he was working with the aliens?! I went for Midnight and I aimed it straight at him shouting "FUCK NO WE ARE NLT GETTING TAKEN!" "You two dont have a choice I am afraid...nlt to really think killing an alien agent wont get you two noticed?!" Just then a scream of pain erupted from Grimm as I felt somethimg against my back knocking me onto my knees. Several aliens like the one I killed yesterday appeared as Flare smirked walking over to us taking our weapons. He then spoke looking at us "Perfect....two survivors against all odds...two kids that thrived and proved themselves worthy for this new two shall be perfect subjects for the Yin and Yang Project." I could only scream as could Grimm as he kicked both of us down before bringing his boot down onto our heads...

Then everything went black.
(Story ends here)
FINALLY! After almost a year of this in my stash, I finally got this done! As you can see...shit went down! People died, Relationships were made and strengthened, some sad moments occured and tons of zombies and an alien along with bandits and most of the team, met a gory end, building up to Yin and Yang's abduction at the hands of the aliens. I think you all for being paitent, and I hope you all enjoy reading this. As you can see, it took a LONG Time to write this, as I passed dA's submitting standards! Thats right it is that long. I put down a LOT of detail and I hope this story, along with Panic Part One(which I shall link once i am not lazy), was enjoyable. And with this story, The Panic is complete. Read from part one for the full story... And I might write a story that shows Yin and Yang's nightmarish experimentation IF there is demand for it. Now lets get to copyright

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Name: Yuri Petrovnasev
Age: 50s-60s
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Role in Battle: Tank
Universe: Spirit Successors
Outfit: Yuri wears a coat with an armored vest beneath, combat pants and boots. His coat has the Spetnaz symbol on it as well as the Soviet coat of arms. It also has a couple soviet medals on it
Skin/fur: White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Other Appearance: Has a long beard and various scars on him
Tools and weapons: He prefers his Fists/Knuckle Dusters, Hammer and Sickle, Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers and other heavy Weapons as well as Hand Cannons and Shotguns.
Personality: Yuri is restrained, yet it can be told he has sadistic tendencies as well as enjoys the thrill of combat. He is however experienced
Abilities: Massive Strength and Endurance
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 200 pounds
Bio: Little is actually known about Yuri, other then the fact that he was a feared mercenary, served in the Soviet Millitary as a Black Ops opertive, and is extremely strong. However one fact: he used to work for the company that Taris and his friends fought against too, and he often justified his actions as 'just doing what I am told, in return for cash', Though judging by The Mental Scars he left on Miles, Gil, Taris and everyone against him... Take that with a grain of salt. Yuri, back when he was working for the company, commited various crimes... From shooting Miles in the Heart with his Hand Cannon, to kidnapping Gil and getting Miles nearly put in a Federal Prision for said crime... And other colorful crimes like Mass Murdering, Genocide and Arson...whatever Yuri was told, he did. However, Yuri was placed in Jail thanks to Miles's new Social Worker, Shugo Tenshi, providing evidence that Miles was not able to commit the crime, SS!Dante bringing all the crimes of the Corperation to light and the CEO being arrested. However, as Yuri was in prison, Yuri began to realize what he did was horrifying...and was not justifiable. That's why when the Empress came to take him to bolster her own forces, Yuri refused and instead escaped to make a new life. However, he began to realize that he needed to atone for what he did, and after gearing up, wound up in a differnt universe where he made his services availible. However when the Crew came, despite Miles, Taris and Gil being there...he went with Coco, hoping to atone for what he did all those years ago.
Fun Facts: He cannot speak english well
He is responcible for why Miles is what he is now
He has claimed to have defeated Gil with a spoon and the Entire Pack with his Pinky Toe
He always carries a bottle of Vodka
Miles- Enemy(Medium Red Affinity)
Taris- Enemy(Medium Red Affinity)
Gil- Enemy(Low Orange affinity)
Alexander- Former Ally turned Enemy(High Orange Affinity)
Jerra- Enemy( Medium Red affinity)
Sera- Enemy(Medium Red Affinity)
Kaen- Enemy(Medium Red Affinity)
Badass Rank/Total Level: 5
Siberian Bear Wrestler- Using his fists, Yuri hits hard, cracking Bones and such, as well as various wrestling moves to help (Level: 1)
Soviet Slammer- Utilizing a Hammer and Sickle, Yuri teaches the ignorant masses about Communism using well...a Hammer to smash skulls in, and A sickle to cut people up. (Level: One)
MORE DAKKA!- Yuri takes out a Machine Gun and opens fire, bringing down a lead storm of bullets from his machine gun...(Level: One)
Walking Artillity- Yuri takes out a Grenade Launcher and with a variety of grenades, blows shit up (Level: One)
No Kill like Overkill- Using his Handcannon as well as his shotgun...Yuri just devestates his opponents mono e mano. (level: One)
Inmovable Man- Yuri moves slowly, yet he cannot be staggered and has an extremely hard time being stunned.
Juggernaut- Yuri while firing an automatic Weapon and on the move fires slowly yet accurately
Strength: 30
Perception: 10
Endurance: 30
Charisma: 0
Intelligence: 10 "I simple man. I only need knowlege killing only"
Agility: 10
Luck: 0
Magic: 0
Healing: 0
Stealth: 0
Nosebreaker- Yuri backhands his opponent in the face breaking their nose and staggering them. (Siberian Bear Wrestler, Level One)
Skullcrusher- Yuri slams his Hammer down on someone stunning them, and cracking their skull as a bit. Hooray for Head Trauma (Soviet Slammer, Level One)
Suppressive Fire- Yuri fires upon an area, damaging or destroying any cover and damaging anyone in the area. (MORE DAKKA! Level One)
Load: Frag Grenades- Yuri loads in Fragmentation Grenades, providing typical explosive results as well as destroying cover. These dont have friendly fire warnings
Load: Incininary Grenades- Yuri loads in Phosperous Grenades, aka fire Grenades, burning anyone that is made of flesh, setting areas ablaze and providing burning damage. These dont have friendly fire warnings
Load: Flashbangs- Yuri loads in Flashbang Grenades for his Launcher, and when he fires them, anyone in the radius will get stunned by a flash of light and a ringing noise. This can cause confusion and allow his allies to take advantage of stunned enemies
Load: Smoke Grenades- Yuri loads in Smoke Grenades which wen he fires, deploys a smokescreen in the area, reducing visibility unless abilities to see life signipatures like aura or soul visions, or infrared goggles are used. This can cause Yuri's allies to come in and start picking off foes.
Heartstopper- The Thing that caused Miles to become what he is now...Yuri aims with his handcannon or Shotgun and pulls the trigger shooting that person in the heart. If they dont pass an endurance check, have enough HP or an emergency TF move that can save them, this move will take down an oppoent like THAT....literally..they will have a huge hole in their heart or no heart at all. Jesus Christ, The Bon Jovi song was NOT MEANT TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY! (No Kill like Overkill, level One)
Gear: RPK Drum Mag PKG Scope, AGS-17 Plamya Automatic Grenade Launcher, Hammer and Sickle, Brass Knuckles, .50 BMG Revolver extended barrel(A three round hand cannon that should be illegal but Yuri has one. Keep away from Miles)
Money: 1000
SoulTech Orbs:
Zexren Tokens:
Scrap: 100
Serum: 100
Shattered Fates: Yuri Petrovnasev some people deserve redemption?....can someone who was once evil...become good? This is the dilemna that surrounds Yuri and well...its up to you if Yuri deserves redemption
I got a prediction for Jerry in Rick and Morty Season Three: he's going to appear as an antagonist working with Tammy( #FuckTammy ) and either is going to snap, kidnap his family and wind up killed by either Rick, Morty, Summer or Beth. Or he will sacrifice himself to save the family from Tammy and Phoenixperson in a last ditch attempt to have some affection from his family

Either way this is just my prediction and I can back up both with evidence if anyone asks
Title says it all!
So I am watching the new Ben 10

I am not sure if I want to say it's okay or grab :iconsilvermaxus253: and burn down Cartoon Network

(This is something I decided to make based off a dream I had last night AS WELL AS a Doom 2 Mod I downloaded and played...I hope you guys enjoy and who knows. maybe i might do more involving this idea...if I'm not lazy. ANYWAYS.)

Once a Long time ago...Humans and Pokemon were at peace. Life was great....and despite the bumps in the world, everything was good. Culture and Technology was advancing at a great rate and the world was safe. However, 25 years before you and me were born, something happened. The gates of hell opened and out came pokemon...only they were twisted, corrupted into shadow-demonic pokemon hybrids. These monsters, alongside hellish demons and demonic animals, laid waste to the world. Millions of Pokemon and Humans died that day and nearly all of the world was taken, with only a few cities being forced to become fortresses to protect the pokemon and humans left in the world. Luckily, before the hellish armies could take over, Soul Wells appeared all around the world, in mystical temples. The Soldiers that found these became empowered, becoming hybrids of legendaries and/or powerful pokemon as well as hybrids of the creatures of the world as well as mythical dragons. Together, with the aid of cutting edge technology, they saved humanity, forcing back the hellish the cost of being unable to reclaim the old world, as the lands now not occupied by whats left of human and pokemon kind became privy to crazed tribals and scavangers as well as the demonic shadow pokemon living in  the now crubling ruins of towns and cities lost years ago. Now, our mothers has always said me and you were special, as our respective moms saw a spirit enter our bodies to save us from dying when we were babies and as a result, a mysterious sigil was created on our hands. Now on our 16th birthdays, me and you by our familes were sent off as we both began recieving nightmares and visions, and our mothers thought that if we saw someone, we could stop the nightmares. On the maglev heading to one of the cities left, San Fransokyo, something happens...and our adventure will soon begin.

TF into
though for a while at some point, you can shift into a more powerful Feral Form
TG is availibe as always
Dragons, RL animals and Anthros are availible

Some Rules
1. I will either play a male or female version of Awe. if male expect I will TG
3. Proper Grammar and go for at least a sentance.
4. Have Fun
5. Fill out the Format or I WILL NOT RP
6. Mature is in Notes

What you will become:
Suggestions for RP(Like romance, mature, etc.):
Answer to Format Question 1:
Answer to Format Question 2:

Format Questions
1. Did you read the rules? and if so, what is Rule 4?
2. Who says this quote? "Death walks among you..."
So... I'm now a Sexy Renamon Girl thanks to :iconsyntheticshark: for :iconjohnathanwardjr:'a tf event. I'm still female and very busty so yah. I do look good, don't I~? And if you'd like, you can join me.

(No icon does not belong to me)
So... I'm now an Anthro female Reshiram thanks to :iconlightningboomer:. As for the course, I am very buxom and busty and such. And also very soft, warm and fluffy... so yay! ^.^ Reshiram is also my favorite Legendary so yeh :)

(No icon does not belong to me)


Awestriker007's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello, n welcome to my Deviant page, here are some things that you'll need to know about what I do here
1. I am a writer, so DO NOT ask me to draw something, my drawing skill is Equivalent to Chasethehedgehog's(Look him up on Encyclopedia Dramatica)
2. I do requests... Yet I will post a journal when they are open
3. Art Trades are closed
4.Commisions are 10 points.
5.I make whatever the hell I want, if you're not satisfied with one thing I write about! You May like another thing I write about. If you don't like any thing I write about... You may like my TFRP series and so on and so forth.
8. Have Fun With my TFRP plz :3
9. DO NOT MESS WITH :iconshiplordjason: IN ANY WAY... IF YOU DO...

With all that stuff outta the way... Justs suggestions you know.. Not rules... Justs suggestions, unless they're in caps... I'll update the profile If I thinkmof another thing that you need to know about me or a suggestion Now stuff about me:

Sexuality: Straight(Actually Bisexual, but I lean towards the female sexually perference a but)
Favorite Food: Baked Ziti
Favorite Soda: Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew and Root Beer

DA FAMILY(Ask if you want to be in my DA family):
:iconawestriker007:- Me... Obviously... Also because I am part of the DA family... So yeah...
:iconshiplordjason:-My bloody neko love and who is my partner in crime against anything... Even in alternate universes our love is a great and powerful thing
:iconiprogamer2:- Anthro Houndoom who is usually female and the damsel in distress at times with weapons to protect himself/herself or needs to be saved by me
:iconcrazedfoxmrn:-Vixen Sister who tfs anyone who messes with me or my friends
:iconsun4000:-A Cradily who is no only batshit insane at times, but I am sometimes at odds with.. But I consider him a great friend
:iconyoutuberjeremyn1000:- Half Brother from the same father that can transform from an eevee and back
:iconvanitasthe2nd:- Half Brother "a man of light shrouded in darkness"
:icondragonitemaniac:-Dragonite brother that loves belly rubs and playing pranks on me
:iconalienqueenslayer132:-The Xeno Queen who used to play Halo with me… Thanks for the memoiries... Until you came back as :icongoldbeargoldenfreddy:... Now you're once again the Xeno Queen who still plays halo with me... Welcome back
:iconsmartluxray:-Little bro with the Greninja hoodie.
:iconillusionconfessing:-That one Illusion guy.. I know you might be a Zoroark tho :3
:iconzerothehumanfighter:- Guy who doesnt mind his gender changed that much
:iconericthelucario:-My Lucario Pet
:iconyoshifull:-Half brother from the same Mother
:iconlunarherodelta123:-My shapeshifting sister
:iconsilvermaxus253:- The Winged Lucario Best friend that likes tfing people and got me and Grimm into team END
:icondjanjie:- Daughter of death and one of the best friends a guy could have.
:iconthegreatgraywolfsif:- A fucking awesome friend and cool girl.
:iconwolfprincematt: Gay Bipolar Wolf


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